WOI Feature: Sanjivini – Customised Party Supplier

Sanjivini – Toddler Mom, who is a Dentist by Profession, Blogger by Passion and Founder of Online Party supply store ‘GlitterPaper’ on Instagram & Facebook. She manages all together while running behind her son without giving up on her dreams. She runs this business not to make any profit for herself but to support a NGO. Sanjivini Shares about herself & her Venture with us for WOI.

Sanjivini,Dentist, Kanpur Blogger, Founder of Glitter paper
Sanjivini, Founder of Glitter paper

Wherever you go, whatever you do, do it with all your heart.

I am a practicing dentist, a blogger and a mom of a 20 month old boy. While I made the decor for my son’s half birthday, I enjoyed the process a lot. After posting the pictures on social media, I got a lot of work and appreciation for it. That is when I shared my idea with a fellow mom blogger who referred me to another friend who had an upcoming birthday of her son. She trusted me with the decor. This gave me all the encouragement and I finally decided to have a formal brand name and page on social media.

This work gives me pure joy and has helped me come out of a tough personal phase. This project is very close to my heart. The profits of the orders go to charity to different NGOs and organisations. The only time I kept the profits to myself was when I invested in a colour printer so that the making cost and profit margins could be increased further.

Glitter Paper Logo by Sanjivini
Glitter Paper Logo

The most difficult thing was reaching out to the right market. Also, logistics is one thing that still drives me nuts.

The most unforgettable moment happened when I recently delivered an order where I accidentally sent 14 paper bags instead of 16, as ordered by the client. I offered her to send the remaining bags and bear the courier expenses myself. But, What she replied just touched my heart. she said, I just need one extra as per the number of kids and other I had as back up for any wear n tear. It is no use in wasting your money on delivery costs….But aap yeh paise to donate karte ho…. No point in unnecessary wastage. I was touched by the faith people have in my brand.

I don’t follow a schedule or routine to maximize productivity but I do jot down ideas on my notepad on the phone. Since, The project is straight from the heart and I love every bit of it. I don’t really need a motivation to do something I love doing. The customers’ feedback, good or bad, is a great catalyst though.

Sanjivini with her Husband - The Dentist Couple
Sanjivini with her Husband – The Dentist Couple

My only support system in this entire journey has been my husband. He makes sure that I get some free time to work on my orders while he takes care of the baby. For anything new I make, I always wait for his feedback. He takes care of the logistics for all my orders in spite of a busy schedule at our clinic.

It’s extremely challenging to keep up to the competition, delivering quality products, fulfilling the demands of customers and reaching out the right market. It has been a bumpy ride and I have loved every bit of it. Lessons that I learnt in the business process was – Nothing beats quality and good service. I try to involve the client in the entire process of designing and building the customised products and keep the process as transparent as possible. But, I struggle with Marketing and reaching more and more clients. I feel my brand reach is limited to mothers. There are so many interesting things that can be done at events other than birthdays too, and I am yet to capture a market like that.

Rainbow themed Decor
Rainbow themed Party supplies

I would add, “Behind every successful human ( man/ woman) is a strong support system in the form of a family. So make sure you communicate your spouse/ loved ones about your dreams and aspirations for a smoother journey. Also, the first step is often the most difficult one. The rest of the ride is easier provided we keep improvising ourselves and learn from our mistakes and failures.”

Rainbow themed Decor
Rainbow themed Party supplies

“In a client oriented business, customer satisfaction goes a long way. Do everything in your power to deliver the best product you can and never compromise on quality. Mistakes happen to everyone and in such cases it is better to apologise and accept gracefully than avoiding the whole situation.”

-says Sanjivini.

WOI’s Note:

Thankyou Sanjivini. You are a multitalented mompreneur. Your story motivates women to step into their field of interest beyond their profession. We are glad to feature you on WOI. We wish you all the best for your future endeavours. Keep Inspiring 🙂

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