WOI Feature: Sruti Nakul – Pastry Chef

Sruti Nakul – A Baker/Pastry Chef owns her Online Baking Venture Sweetooth Fairy on Instagram. She makes Themed Cakes, Handcrafted Chocolates, Keto Desserts. Being a pet lover she sells ‘cakes for Dogs’ too. She is said to make the yummiest cupcakes of Madras! She is married to Tamil Actor Nakul who is known for his evergreen hit NakkaMukka. Sruti shares about her entrepreneural story with WOI.

Sruthi wife of Tamil actor Nakul
Sruthi Nakul

Don’t give up on your dreams. Fight for it and follow it because your dreams, they know their way !

About me, My whole life has literally revolved around food ever since my mom was pregnant with me. My dad’s great grandmother was still alive and she used to feed my mom a sweet every single day till she was alive (she passed away few months before I was born ) and asked her to guess what ingredients that sweet was made of. Guess that really stuck on to me !

My paternal grandmother is a chef herself who’s written many cook books. My mother though has been working ever since she was 15, always made amazing food for us every single day and that’s even today. I infact wanted to cook more because I’m such a daddy’s girl and would always get so jealous when dad complimented mom about the food ! Haha ! I wanted to impress him too ! Who ever said way to man’s heart is his stomach is wrong ! Way to ANYBODY’s heart is through their stomach! Today I’m so glad that I took that decision as a 4th grader.

Sweetooth Fairy by Sruthi Nakul

Before I started my actual business or even before I started my LCB course and working, I was taking up orders just for family and friends. It was like, I literally used them as my guinea pig! I didn’t have much experience with pricing or marketing!

Once I finished my course at Le Cordon Bleu, London and then started working, my perspectives changed and learnt a lot more. After working at two different places, I gained more knowledge and confidence and decised that I’m good to start my own business. The most important thing I did was convince my people that baking was not just my hobby but also my passion which I wanted to pursue as my career. I always believed that this is what I was meant to do ! I had got admission into Law College but left that to purse Jounalism where in the end I specialised in Food journalism before doing my course at LCB. Ever since college I had just one name in mind – “ Sweetooth Fairy “ I still have it in my notes too. I had exactly written it on my birthday in 2009 saying that this is my first option for the name of my bakery.

Sweetooth Fairy - Sruthi Nakul's Venture
Sweetooth Fairy – Sruthi’s Baking Venture

My biggest concern was I didn’t have enough space. I somehow managed at my parents place after my marriage since my room was empty. Second thing was, I was not the brightest when it came to calculations. I didn’t realise it and till my father stepped in and helped me out with the calculations. The start was so overwhelming. Every single one of them who knew me, knew that this what I’ve always wanted. My husband, my family, friends, well wishers, all of them supported me in every single way possible. I could have not asked for more 🙂

Celebrity wife Sruthi with her husband Nakul
Sruthi with her husband Nakul

My husband Nakkhul and my sisters Varsha and Madhuri were my Support. I really could have not done it without them. They were there throughout every single process. Every highs, every lows. The first ever pop up store I had, just 2 days before I fell so so sick and was not even able to get up. I was sitting on the sofa and instructing my husband and sister Madhuri how to bake. Not only did they make it so so well but also pulled an all-nighter. The next day my other sister Varsha joined in at the pop up store with us and sat through all of it and making sure I was okay since I was so nervous and still down with fever.

Sruti Nakul with her sisters
Sruti with her sisters

My most unforgettable praise would be from actor Madhavan. I had not started Sweetooth Fairy then but being his huge fan, I somehow got the Opportunity to meet him and had so little time. I ran and made a batch of brownies and it was so fresh that when he recieved it, it was still warm. I could never forget that smile on his face. Not only did he enjoy them, he had even posed it on Twitter about how he loved them.

The second one would be when I was working in Leela Palace, we had Actor Mohan Lal staying with us. For VIPs we generally send on special welcome platter. I had sent him some handmade chocolates and he was so sweet to have called the bakery to tell that he loved them and wanted more of it and also would like to extend his appreciation to the chef. I was truly on top of the world.

The biggest mistake I did was not plan ahead in the first few months. It used to be taxing. Second thing is, it took me time to realise the turnouts for events. My first pop up was not my best. I had made so much desserts since the event manager expected a lot of turn out but didn’t have so many. We ended having a lot left. I took it as a learning and used this opportunity to give away samples to people and took it as a marketing expense.

Now Being an Entrepreneur – Honestly, it still feels surreal. I have a lot more to learn and lot more to achieve. But one thing is that, it made me independent. I’m the boss of my own and that makes me be at peace. Beyond this, I would love to have multiple businesses. But apart from being an entrepreneur, I would love to have my own travel & cooking show again.

And, I would like to add that if any of you reading this article, have a man or a women who dream of doing their own business, be it big or small, don’t judge or put them down. Guide and help them. Ofcourse it is a rocky road they are willing to take but hey, atleast they have the courage to not just settle to a 9-5 desk job and go out there and face the unknown. Support them in any way possible.

-Says Sruti.

WOI’s Note:

Thankyou Sruthi. You are such an enterprising woman full of energy & ambition! We are happy to feature your business story on WOI. We wish you all the best for your future endeavours. Keep Inspiring 🙂

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