WOI Feature: Shraddha Bhatnagar -Balcony/ Outdoor space stylist

Shraddha Bhatnagar is the founder of  Urbangreenery12 – Geelimitti, an innovative outdoor-space styling venture. Shraddha is an Interior stylist, who masters in balcony makeovers. Her balcony makeovers are eye pleasing and colourful with green being the dominating colour, that reveals her love for nature. Her speciality is, she can turn 2′ space constrained urban balconies into cozy corners by her innovative styling without missing nature’s touch. She also works as a resource manager in a NJ based consulting company. Sharaddha shares about her business story with WOI.

Shraddha Bhatnagar
Shraddha Bhatnagar

Be a voice, not an echo. Do what you love doing. Don’t do anything just to please anyone. Do it because you love doing it.

Like the Ganga flowing in Rishikesh which is carrying impressions, thoughts and memories. I too have nostalgia of some amazing memories since I was brought up in the beautiful and serene surroundings of Rishikesh.  A 7 year old little girl, sitting next to her dad, every sunday, pulling out the weeds from the little front lawn of her small beautiful home in Rishikesh – to today, when my little green spaces got lovely appreciations on the social media I owe this passion to nurture nature from my dad.

Space constrained balcony styled by Shradha
Space constrained balcony styled by Shraddha

While I did my schooling from Rishikesh. I later moved to Lucknow for college and my later life. I aced my Interior designing classes. I loved it.
I remotely work as a Resource Manager in a NJ based Consulting Company. I’m madness overdose when it comes to cooking, baking, home-decor, painting, art n craft and anything n everything that has little to do with creativity. Mom to two lovely grown up gals, I somehow take out time for all my creative passions. Love to host guests and can unwind anytime with Jagjit Singh Gazals in my small yet beautifully done balcony.
“Good things grow in small spaces”- and my immense love for outdoors. We moved to Mumbai in 2013 and I started creating my own green spaces in my small balconies. Gradually everyone started appreciating my taste for utilizing small spaces in efficient ways. Seeing my balcony makeover of 4′ wide spaces, my friends wanted me to redo their balconies and this is how the calling and first sale came all by itself. And the seed is sown for URBANGREENERY12 – Geeli mitti. Incorporating nature in people’s life is the main aim of GeeliMitti. Visually there could be nothing worse than a bare balcony or outdoors. From friends to families and so many people who are fascinated by my nature loving profile on social media. I have done the makeovers in Mumbai, NCR, Bangalore and Hyderabad.

Image of a Balcony styled by Shradha
Balcony styled by Shraddha

If I have the right stuff which includes, plants, accessories of lamps, terracotta pots and some throwaway cushions.. I can do a makeover in 2 hours. I try to find out form, shape, contrast, and composition in nature around me and Installation is fun for me. I am a hands-on person which is truly rewarding part of my passion, putting it all together, selecting greens, throwing cushions, hanging pots and lamps, adding accessories. It is important to understand and visualize how the area will go together. I use the exact same quantity of style detail in your tiny balcony that you can utilize in a huge yard.

If your work is good, it really doesn’t get difficult to make a brand. I get lots of messages from people who think I am doing some amazing work. I totally put my 100% in my work whether it is a 2′ wide flower bed or a front yard or a terrace. So doing your work with total sincerity will make you a brand all by yourself.

Unforgettable moment/milestone in my business journey was getting a call from the best design magazines of India “GoodHomes” and “BetterHomes and Gardens” to showcase my work, is the biggest milestone for me. It is not about monetary benefits always, having your brand acknowledged by the best in business is a huge boasting.

Image of a Cozy corner made by Sharaddha in a space constrained balcony
Cozy corner made by Sharaddha in a space constrained balcony

I am too artistic person and work in a positive frame of mind only. I don’t follow any routine or daily schedule. People who admire my work keep me motivated. Whenever I want to quit because of any reasons, I look back and see, my daughters are watching me. They are my biggest strength and the reason why I am giving wings to my creative capabilities. Along with them my parents have taught me to stay very humble and grounded, their values are a big support system for me.

Being a single woman army, doing it all by myself, doesn’t goes well with everyone. “If we let nature do what it does, it always does the right thing.”- So no challenges right now. When it comes to the smallest of spaces, I may possibly have to make some critical selections, and that is the only challenge. 

As an entrepreneur the immense respect and admiration that I get is worth more than anything. The lesson I learn in my business process is, ‘Be so good, they can’t ignore you. Let your work speak for itself always.’

Balcony makeover
Balcony makeover

Tips to the people on how they can replicate it at their homes –

It doesn’t require a nursery to make your balcony or outdoors look beautiful, just 4 to 5 pots with plants can enliven a bare balcony…earthy rugs, glossy magazines, An old lamp, some terracotta pots, small stones n pebbles.. A way to enhance nature from nature…Just group things here and there at different levels. Just add a bit of yourself to it and you will be surprised how your space too, will have story to tell.

 – says Shraddha.

WOI’s Note:

Thank you Shraddha. Your styling will make anyone fall in love with the space. Your work is a colourful feast for eyes & mind. We are happy to feature your business story on WOI. We wish you all the best for your future endeavours. Keep Inspiring 🙂

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