Guest Post: ‘Moving beyond hurdles’ by Sriprithi

Why are there more male entrepreneurs compared to their female counterparts? Well ask the men, and you would get all diplomatic answers like – “Oh women always want to be equal to men! Don’t they realize they are far more superior?” Let me answer this! No we are not superior, no sir, no! Maybe we aren’t inferior either!! I think it’s about time we quit comparing oranges to apples! If Men are really from Mars and Women are really from Venus, you very well should know comparison isn’t even on the table!

Guest Post by Sriprithi

Why do we have less number of women who want to take up entrepreneurship? Simply because the hardships it throws to the already hectic multi faceted life of a woman!

According to the society,

She isn’t a man who is incumbent to a day job. She isn’t a man who is the primary bread winner of the family. She isn’t a man who is the family dictator. She isn’t a man who is the decision maker. She isn’t a man who is the leader. She isn’t a man who is the ruler.

Times are changing and of course history shows some exceptions! What’s the worth when it’s going to be just for 0.01 percent? Women of today and even in the past have tried shaking away from the ties of the society and building up an empire of their own! However small or big, it’s their business, their hard work, their dreams, their success, their struggles and their life after all!! I being a mom can sympathize with my fellow new moms who aspire to start up their little business, to make a sense of life, to put all those years of education to good use on the blockages that hinder their path to glory!

Some of the biggest hurdles for women who aspire to be entrepreneurs are:

  • Family ties
  • Motherhood and priority changes
  • Investment and funding
  • Risk factors
  • Lack of motivation
  • Fear of failure
  • Social acceptance

In a candid conversation with a friend, who is pursuing MBA in HR to add more meaning to her current position, I learnt of the obstacles that slowed her down from her choice to be a full time entrepreneur!

Kavitha, Founder - Element Technologies
Kavitha, Founder – Element Technologies

Mrs. Kavita, co-founder of Elementalent Technologies, is also an active parent to a 14 year old. She like a million other women couldn’t take up business in her 20’s or in her early 30’s when her son needed her the most. One of the biggest reasons why women give up their ambitions of 20 or more years in spite of being fully eligible, qualified or trained is priorities shift post motherhood! The second pitfall for Kavita was her family was travelling around the world. She was migrating from Bangalore to Chennai to UK to Pune and finally settled in Chennai! 10 years, 10 different locations, diluted the chances of Kavita having a business of her choice! Although she feels all the nomadic life and numerous experiences has shaped her into what she is today. She worked in IBM for 8 months, then moved on to selling Tupperware products for quite some time, tried her hand in freelancing for recruitment, content writing , improved her technical knowledge by taking up classes for Java, C++ via Skype, worked on web development programs for a few companies and for the Royal Mail UK in Winter 2013(Casual Christmas Jobs), before she successfully kick started a business along with her uncle, one Mr. Kumara Guru who is a senior resource and her guide in shaping her dreams. Her husband and parents were her morale boosters and source of nourishment and strengthening that helped her to evolve as an individual through learning and development. She continued to hop, crawl, jump around without giving up on her passion to be constantly growing and improving.

The 37 year old, Kavita who has a computer science background now owns a company that ensures right talents are positioned on the right jobs! She is in a happy place now and is definitely an inspiration to fellow moms. Don’t close up yourselves in the decks of the kitchen! If you have a dream, follow it with all your energy and passion, keep learning a little every day, take that yoga class if you have to, join zumba and dance your time away, try stitching, or kneading, or a new programming language, anything that makes you happy, knowledge has no boundaries, choose your field and shine! Don’t give up! If you want to be an entrepreneur, work towards it in baby steps, stay focused, ask for help, and don’t feel ashamed if you fail, you’re human! Rise against the waves and achieve that target! It may take years but its going to be worth it!

Guest post by – Sriprithi


Sriprithi pursues her masters degree in Business Administration, Systems via distance learning program, while momming her Li’l Du using instinctive parenting techniques. One can find their simple lives and everyday anecdotes through her blog posts here and micro blogs here.


WOI’s Note:

Thank you Sriprithi. WOI wishes you all the best for your future endeavours. Keep writing 🙂

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