WOI Feature: Ahbbinaya Vijayakumar – Owner at ‘Nakshtatra Chennai’

Ahbbinaya Vijayakumar, owner of online jewellery store – Nakshatra Chennai is an M.Tech graduate who had no interest in taking up neither a corporate job nor Phd. Instead, she decided to invest her styling ideas into a business that deals with selling artificial imitation jewellery. After two successful years in business, Ahbbinaya steps into her third year. she shares about her business story with WOI.

Ahbbinaya, Owner at Nakshtra Chennai
Ahbbinaya, Owner at Nakshtra Chennai

Be loyal and truthful to your work. Get inspired but have your own unique touch to everything you do!

I am born and brought up in Chennai. Biomedical engineer,  M.tech  graduate from VIT, Vellore and B.E degree from SSN, Kalavakkam. As a fresh M.tech pass-out (back in 2016) who had no interest in taking up IT job even after being placed. I wanted to become a professor but since Phd degree was mandatory and I didn’t have interest to study further. So, at that moment I made a start to Nakshatra.

Nakshatra Chennai
Nakshatra Chennai

Earning from home, you need not dedicate your sleep or need not wait till 31st of every month. Can take a break whenever necessary; last but not the least- unique jewellery cravings. My dressing and styling ideas was liked by most of my friends, which made me believe that people will like my taste of choosing accessories. My business deals with artificial imitation Jewellery.

Learning the art of patience was the most difficult thing. Also getting people’s trust. All good things take time. Be happy with even the tiniest progress in your work and work every day.  My first sale was only with my friends from school and college. They were my source of encouragement. Now, Nakshtatra has nearly 1000+ followers every month and that still continues.

Jewellery sold by Nakshtara Chennai
Jewellery set sold by Nakshtara Chennai

Things that I learnt through my journey was to be Patient, learn from my mistakes and sincerity. Every day I post new collections; I ship items on the same day and check what’s trending in the market. I want to be perfect with my work and keep up my word, every time. But at the same time we are completely dependent on manufacturers and delivery service that disappoints us sometimes. They don’t keep up their words. But we are supposed to take the blame as we are responsible as a brand. Only that is a struggle. I make my customers understand and tell them the exact situation. Most of them understand and I’m happy about it.

My big source of motivation is my customers! Also, investing more in good collections motivate me. My parents and friends are my support system and source of encouragement.

A Nakshatra Chennai product

Now, my full time focus is on Nakshatra Chennai only! As an entrepreneur, I am very proud and humble. Now I take care of my family! I feel very happy to have reached this level and growing every day. Generally online stores follows certain principles like giving free stuffs to celebrities, influencers just for posting a post/story about their brand. But our growth at Nakshatra is organic- we don’t support that. And also I would like to thank my customers who say about us to their family and friends and suggest our page for our collections.

– says Ahbbinaya.

WOI’s Note:

Thank you Ahbbinaya. Your collectection are unique and amazing just like you! We are happy to feature your business story on WOI. We wish you all the best for your future endeavours. Keep Inspiring 🙂

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