WOI Feature: Sanjana Gershome – Boys clothing designer

Sanjana Gershome, owner at Mini Men is a 24 years old mom who custom designs boys clothing from 3 months old to 13 years old. Mini Men is known for their exclusive range of Bow – ties that make boys look like Young Men. Being a designer from NIFT, she got married and became a mom right after her graduation. But, nothing stopped her from pursuing her dreams in designing men’s clothing. And now, she owns a brand that designs customised outfits for mini men. Sanjana shares about her business story with WOI.

Sanjana Gershome, owner minimen
Sanjana Gershome

Dream and Dream big! Don’t let any negativity get to you. And it doesn’t matter what age you are, or what stage in life you are or what your situation is. Dream and believe in it, and at some point you’ll watch it come alive.

When I think of something to mention about me, that most poignant one would first be about my faith and my Christian upbringing. A lot of who I’m today, is completely because of that. As for the rest, I’m a 24 year old, happily married to my boyfriend and mommy to the sweetest little toddler who is my main source of inspiration.

I got married right after I graduated from NIFT, Chennai with a Bachelor of Design degree in Fashion Design so I did not have the chance to go out and work as we planned to have a baby immediately. I imagined then, that I would go to work, when my baby was around 5-6 months old. Silly me!

I always wanted to work in the Menswear sector, back in College my final design collection was all about Experimentative Menswear, which dabbled on a lot of Androgynous Silhouettes for men and had the likes of Transparent Back Shirts and Pegged Trousers in the collection. And no, there weren’t any Bow-ties in it  😀

I had a dream of revolutionalising Menswear from the way we know it. I know it sounds too big and huge but isn’t that what dreams are all about? If we are not able to dream big dreams, then how could we ever achieve them? Anyways fast forward a year later, I was a mom to a 3 month old baby boy and I was shocked at the clothes that were available for boys. It was then that I started to study the boys clothing market and found a huge gap, in what people wanted and what was being offered. In fact, a lot of fellow moms would often comment on how they wanted a girl baby and not a boy baby, because it was more fun to dress up girls.

Minimen logo
Minimen logo

Also, gone was my previous mind set of leaving my son and going to work. When he was 6 months old, I wanted nothing more than to be by his side and watch him discover new things daily. I wanted to catch each and every thing he did and store it in my mind. I couldn’t fathom the thought that I wouldn’t be there when he did something new. So, Mini Men was born of a Mom who did not want to leave her son and go to work and at the same time, someone who did not want to lose focus on her dreams.

Boy's outfit customised by Mini Men
Boy’s outfit customised by Mini Men

I wanted to make the same kind of Experimentative clothes for men, but in smaller tinier versions of it, and being a mom I understood all about what fabrics, Trims and silhouettes would best suit babies and children. Equipped with all this knowledge I then started Mini Men. Mini Men is a Custom-made boys clothing brand, which strives to make boys look like dapper young men. We customize outfits to go with Birthdays Themes and we make Twinning Sets for Dads and Moms to match with their sons. We are specially known for our Bow-ties and Quirky Prints. Also, we believe that every child has a unique body type, so we custom make shirts to fit them perfectly.

There wasn’t much that was difficult about building a brand, and if any of it seemed that way, I did not look at it as such. The way I thought about it, the harder it got, the better we were getting at it. Though the truth is, Mini Men is purely Gods Grace to me, and that’s how it got built.

Minimen shirt
Minimen shirt

My first sale is super special to my heart cause it was for a friend of mine, and she trusted to me so completely that she gave me free rein to make just about anything I wanted in any fabric of my choice.

When I had people I knew, friends and family, come and tell me that they could spot people out in my clothes. Also, every moment when a client comes back and tells me how much the outfit meant to them and how much they loved it, those are all unforgettable moments to me. And when things get tough, these moments, they always make me get up, smile and move.
As an entrepreneur, I feel like I have a long race to run and I’m just at the starting point.
Other than managing business, I run around after my toddler most of the day and I’m sure that counts. I learnt to Keep moving forward, always be prepared for everything. Have a Plan B, C, D and E!

I don’t follow a schedule but my whole routine depends on my toddler and how he feels about the day and I wouldn’t have it any other way. And I pray, I pray a lot to keep myself motivated. There isn’t a lot of struggle, unless juggling with home, baby and business at the same time counts 😀

Sanjana with her family
Sanjana with her family

My biggest support system is Jesus and then my husband and son, without them Mini Men wouldn’t be what it is today. My parents also a help a lot, whether it is in terms of taking care of my Son when I’m working or helping me with official work.

I loved writing for WOI, it made think back to lot of points in my life and it brought a lot of smiles to my face. As Women, we have a lot of people telling us how to do to it all, whether it’s on how to tie your sari properly or how long to stay out at evenings  Or how to feed your baby or how not to. We are constantly questioned and criticized, but not always are we, inspired and motivated. I thank God, for a Husband who constantly motivates me and protects me from all that negativity out there, but a lot of people I know don’t have that. And this initiative of WOI is such a motivation for all of us. I can’t wait to see it grow and achieve all the great heights that I know WOI is going to.

– says Sanjana.

WOI’s Note:

Thank you for your kind words Sanjana. Your brand is a modern age clothing destination for all moms of boys! We are glad to feature your business story on WOI. We wish you all the best for your future endeavours. Keep Inspiring 🙂

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