WOI Feature: Sruthi Jayachandran – Customised Gifts Curator

Sruthi Jayachandran, is a 22 years old customised gifts curator who owns her online store ‘The big box theory‘. Her love for presenting innovative customised gifts for her dear ones had been the root cause of her entrepreneurial journey. She takes care of her business from curating to delivering her products to the customer. Sruthi shares about her business story with WOI.

Sruthi Jayachandran
Sruthi Jayachandran

Do not drop till you fulfil your dreams, hustle to prove yourself and one fine day you’ll be an inspiration to many!

I’m basically a dancer, athlete since childhood, turned young entrepreneur from the age of 18. Being the curious one, I’ve always found being creative and preparing unique personalised gifts, exciting and jumped at every occasion where I could make one for my family and friends. But I chose to get into designing world, perusing visual communication. I’m an art and craft obsessed person who gifts people all handmade stuffs since childhood which has what made me commence THE BIG BOX THEORY.

Days when I was held up with semesters and projects being a visual communication student, I was clueless on what to gift my friends on their birthdays. I did not have time to hunt for cakes gifts and all the party essentials. I ended up with a chocolate bouquet and few gifts with our pictures and baked few cupcakes, which was indeed a great hit amongst my friends circle and that’s when I came up with an idea to commence a gifting venture and the very next minute I shared my thoughts to my family, since then they are with me through all the success and flaws, patting my back and giving me strength and confidence.

The very first step was to name the venture which could incorporate my ideas. I was discussing the same with one of my college junior and we settled down with the name “THE BIG BOX THEORY”. Because, we felt nothing would sound great out of N number of choices. I made sure that if a person reaches us out he/she should shop all their needs for any occasion with ease in this busy world. Secondly, from creating the logo and the packaging of every product till dispatching them in safe hands was a nightmare later it was all a milestone built till date where each and every order is an achievement.

IMG_4070Each and every creation, each and every order that has been delivered safely and the feedback for every order are my best moments. This keeps me going from three plus years healthily with a bigger family.

I’d make sure that whatever I gift people it should be with them forever and definitely the most innovative one among what they receive on their big day. I hope, I’ve been curating and delivering the same and make sure that people should experience the happiness of innovative gifting.

My unforgettable milestone is what WE are today (I’d mention WE as my venture and myself). From curating a product to delivering the product, everything is solely taken care by me since day one and that has helped me grow as a proud individual today!

I am a happy soul now doing what I’d loved to be! it’s a blessing to have such supportive and an encouraging family and friends also I’d be forever grateful to all my patrons for having trust in me to make their loved ones big days a memorable one.

IMG_4071I believe in giving everyone to experience the happiness of innovative gifting. I’m proud of what I’m now, grown up as a responsible person and to be honest, I have learnt the art of patience since day one. And, that’s what has helped me gain a beautiful family of my clients! I’m glad that I get to meet and learn new things each and every day. I learn from my flaws and work towards the betterment of my venture.

The most toughest things to handle a venture solely is when you are expected to be active 24/7 and get to answer all the questions and sort things out which is definitely too mainstream. Because, I might be working on my orders, sourcing or probably spending time with my family. Secondly, the pain when I get to know that people copy my works and post them on their pages just for fake businesses. Though those things cannot be examined each and every minute – It hurts.

Apart from all these, undoubtedly, my clients are my biggest motivation. Each and every completed order motivates me to create yet another innovative product so that I’d have them back to the right place to surprise their loved ones innovatively each and every time. So I always work on creating different products and I test it before I bringing it to my patrons.

Sruthi with her Mom
Sruthi with her Mom

My mom is my Support system. Without her helping hands I wouldn’t have kept it all going for three plus years and definitely for the rest of the years bigger and happier! Her motivation is the reason behind my confidence. Seeing her happy about my growth is my only achievement.

I’m into fitness and I’m a budding nutritionist as well. Two different streams which need lot of determination, confidence and hard work put together. It was initially tough when I got into fitness. Managing my meal preparations and curating orders simultaneously was tough.

Being an entrepreneur, I believe that Passion keeps me going. People who do things that you do are not your competitors, but believe that you belong to a community and you will grow.

– says Sruthi.

WOI’s Note:

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