WOI Feature: Shanaz Rukshana – Hijab Designer

Shanaz Rukshana, owner at The Hijab Company is a Journalist with degree in Islamic studies. Being a Woman from Islamic background and learning about their terms, She instils Fashion trends in modest dressing. Shanaz shares about her business story with WOI.

Shanaz - Founder - The Hijab Comapny
Shanaz – Founder – The Hijab Comapny

To all the youth out there, don’t let those dreams stay dreams; make them a reality!

Growing up, I’ve always looked up to bigger personalities who run established businesses, earned a good reputation; leaders of their field. Taking inspiration as I grew, my major admiration was/still is my Dad. My Dad’s business ethics amazes me; he prioritizes his business on a high scale of respect & love. Coming from a commerce background, I chose Journalism as my Bachelor Degree as I was inclined to current news and public welfare. Followed Journalism with a Degree in Islamic Studies. Over the last couple of years, the change in lifestyle, interests, ideas lead to the modest start of The Hijab Company.

After having to have learnt a little in detailed about Islamic terms of Modest Dressing, I was on the look for clothes / Hijabs that would fall under the category of Modest Fashion. Here in India, the usual trends take some time to catch up, little do I have to mention about Modest Fashion. I was struggling to pair a modest outfit or a look with the clothing pieces that were available in our usual stores. Placing an order on the international websites weren’t really my best bet either.

The Hijab Company
The Hijab Company

To arrive at one store, pick up your necessary pieces and put together a whole outfit was the idea. Something that I dreamt of owning! Feels great to say, we’ve arrived and made that dream come true.

Since you start from scratch, for the first few stages of your business; you are the employee and you are your own boss. You need to monitor A-Z of the activities carried out. My biggest obstacle was keeping myself motivated. I’d read stories of big brand’s CEO’s, listen to their interviews. Try to stay updated on the trends of the Modest Fashion world, keep a track of other international brands and their business campaigns.

IMG_0175I remember the customer who placed my first order; co-incidentally she lives close by. I decided to drop in the package by myself and so I did. We are still in touch and I am grateful to say, she is still the first one to wish me for my achievements. It is great to have personal touch with the ones who are behind the screen because that way you build trust and a long lasting friendship.

Unforgettable has to be the day we launched our office, it was a dream come true. I’m blessed with supporting family & friends who have encouraged me in my every step. It wouldn’t have been possible without them all.

Now it feels empowering to have a business of my own and make progress as we go. Help other girls who have blossoming ideas and feed their thoughts. Would love to widen our business, long way ahead definitely but I feel grateful for what I have today!

Nothing great comes easy. You need to work every day, every hour, inspire yourself and other. Especially when it is social media, it’s easy to get distracted or side tracked, but keeping your ideas in line and working towards your goal, setting bigger goals as you accomplish your previous, that is what gets you going!

IMG_0146I try to surround myself with people who are of similar mindsets, who are goal oriented! That way they will catch you when you fall from your inspiration ladder. My Support System has to be my family and friends! They keep giving me ideas and sharing their thoughts, encourage my progress. Truly grateful for them!

Being a perfectionist, I would insist of the work going through / monitored only by me and I learnt its okay to get help and assistance in matters I might not know of. That way you optimize the task to its fullest and get new ideas.

My staff and I do follow a Schedule to maximize our performance. We have the week organized in a way that we reach our set targets.

I have learnt to enjoy the ride, I have learnt to be grateful for what I have and only get better. Setting bigger Goals is necessary but also setting smaller goals and achieving them, feel accomplished is necessary as well.

Hijab designed by Shanaz - The Hijab Company
Hijab designed by Shanaz

Since our platform is Social Media, the trends and fashion of business is constantly changing. Keeping up to the race could get stressful at times, but thanks to my loyal customer base; I’ve been feeling reassured and encouraged.

Other than this, I inspire to be a Psycho Therapist. I’ve been studying and working towards being one for the last year! Motivation drop happens to the best of us, it’s okay to take it slow. I need the right pushes every now and then, like I said before; I listen to motivational interviews and read inspiring stories of established CEO, write down what kicks in my motivation. My friends and family now know how important this is to me, they make sure I stay motivated as well whenever I might have a drop.

Being a woman isn’t easy, but going back to the first thing I said; ‘Nothing great comes easy’! We woman are made for greatness, the path we take isn’t going to be easy but the fruits that it will bear will be rewarding. Strive to be better at anything you may be doing today. A better Mother, a better Student, a better Employee; every small step you take towards achieving your ultimate goal today, will be worth it all one day!

– says Shanaz.

WOI’s Note:

Thank you Shanaz. You’re a true inspiration to women with entrepreneurial dreams from modest background. We are glad to feature your business story on WOI. We wish you all the best for your future endeavours. Keep Inspiring 🙂

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