WOI Feature: Sweatha Balasubramani – Handmade crafts Curator

Sweatha Balasubramani, owner at sasitha crafts is a young womenpreneur who curates customised paper crafts and gifts. Being a fashion graduate, she started her own business following her passion. Sweatha shares about her business story with WOI.

Sweatha owner at Sasitha crafts
Sweatha owner at Sasitha crafts

Do what you love. Never give up on your dreams!

I am sweatha from Salem and I am a graduated Fashion designer and a dog lover!  I’m a 21 year old Woman who dreamed to be an entrepreneur. I love creating handmade crafts and gift from childhood and so I chose this field as a career with more love and passion. Before getting into business, I was a girl with no goals. But I used to make handmade crafts and gifts to my friends as that was my hobby. Once I felt I was pretty good in it, I took my next step and today I am here.

As I already mentioned about my love to make handmade gifts for dear ones, I presented a hand made book to my best friend which narrates about our friendship journey during my second year of under graduation. He was stunned and surprised and burst into happy tears after seeing my handmade book. And, that was the moment I got a spark – why shouldn’t I start making handmade crafts and gifts to everyone who needs it at an affordable price?

IMG_6126My business is all about creating memories or recollecting memories in form of paper crafts. They are all hand made with love. And my handmade gifts consists of different crafts with photos, messages and quotes.

The biggest challenge in the beginning was I couldn’t find the best quality materials for making the crafts and I had to search for it in other cities like Chennai and Bangalore. But, finally I found the best raw materials that would make my product look fabulous and last longer. I feel branding is all about making products with high quality and satisfying customer needs. And so, I focused more on making best quality products.

The first sale will always remain special that happened on the very first day of the launch! It was my classmate who ordered for the first time to gift it for her friend’s birthday. Both were happy & appreciated me. All my friends have been motivating me.

Explosion box crafted by Sasitha crafts
Explosion box made by Sasitha crafts

My most unforgettable moment was when I got couple rings for my parents with my first earnings. My dad was surprised and shocked! He smiled and literally had tears on seeing my present. That has been the best moment in my life! Getting orders from outside India and great artists liking my work has been a huge milestone. So far, I have covered few countries like Canada, UK, Germany, Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai and USA!

I feel complete now as an entrepreneur. I found purpose of my life and I can realise the power and value of being an independent woman. I learnt that being patient, consistent and working hard will bring success.

I once read a book ‘Secret’ which motivated me a lot. And, also my customer feedbacks have been the main motivating mantra for me. It always keeps me motivating to do more for them. I feel special When someone tells me that they cried by seeing my gift. Every time I make a craft I make it like I do them for first time. And, I work continuously until I’m satisfied with my work. I wake up early by 6AM, which helps me to be active. I plan my day in the morning with “to do” list that helps me to deliver everything on time. But, I can’t take my start up to the next level because I have many restrictions from my family. So, that is the biggest struggle I’m facing now. I wanted to make this start-up more like an industry.

Sweatha with her sister

My Parents support me a lot. But, my sister Gayathri and friend Tharun have been the backbone of Sasitha crafts. They are with me from my day one, helping me in finding out best products, maintaining social media to giving solution whenever I face an issue.

I love helping my mom in gardening. Gardening and cooking are my interests other than business. My mom tells me to learn everything I could. She taught me the importance of education and power of being an independent woman. And,  my brother taught me about self learning which helped me to reach this place. Today I feel blessed because I’m able to make people happy with my handmade gifts. This will always remain to be  the best achievement of my life.

– says Sweatha.

WOI’s Note:

Thank you Sweatha. You are an Inspiration to young women. We are glad to feature your business story on WOI. We wish you all the best for your future endeavours. Keep Inspiring 🙂

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