WOI Feature: Jenifer Hiltrud – Owner at ‘My Faktory’ an online Clothing store

Jenifer Hiltrud is a mompreneur and owner at My Faktory – An online clothing store that sells affordable clothing solution for Kids and Women. In search of affordable and fashionable clothing for his son, this mom started her own brand. Jenifer shares about her business story with WOI.

Jenifer - Owner at My Faktory
Jenifer – Owner at My Faktory

“Nothing works until you do” This is one of my fav quote from Maya Angelou.

So stop dreaming, get rid of your fears and get going. There is a lovely tribe of people out there to support us women-preneurs.

Hi! I’m Jenifer, mostly known as Jen amongst all the Mums who buy from us at MyFaktory. I have a 4-year-old explorer – Alan, who has recently started school and won’t stop asking questions. I grew up in Malappuram, Kerala till I completed my schooling after which we moved to Chennai, which has been an amazing home to us. This is where I met my husband Naveen too; home is certainly where the heart is.

I did a business administration course in Chennai while pursuing my first few jobs in sales. Although I found the jobs exciting, I always felt that my calling was elsewhere. MyFaktory is my dreams come true.

The idea for MyFaktory started when Lil A was three months old with me wanting affordable yet stylish clothes for him and once I saw other Mums struggling for the same thing, it all came naturally to share the joy. Our goal at MyFaktory is to keep kid’s fashion affordable; we hope to keep things this way for years to come.

TRUST is the most important foundation of an online business. Gaining trust while selling clothes online, especially children’s clothing is a difficult thing to do. At MyFaktory, we are blessed to have been a part of so many toddlers’ journeys, the trust and support our Customers place in us has certainly helped us grow.

My Faktory Logo
My Faktory Logo

I believe that we should never forget our roots. MyFaktory started with 50 pieces of clothing, a corner table at home, a Facebook page, and waiting endlessly near the phone for replies.  The first piece of clothing I sold was a baby tee, that Mum is now one of my closest friends!

Every stepping stone through this journey has been unforgettable. The most important one has been opening our own website after 4 long years of selling through other channels.

I feel proud of what we have built so far. I look forward to growing this business, team, and the number of loving Mothers who keep us motivated! I also feel that there is so much more we could do.

Always be fair – to your team, to your suppliers, and your Customers.

  1. Take responsibility – for everything! Owning up to mistakes goes a long way in retaining Customers.
  2. Time – respect every single minute you have, schedule your day, never bring in personal programs on a working day just because you own it, and never be late to meetings.
  3. Keep a close eye on finances, or hire someone to handle it for you. Accounting can make or break your business and it needs dedicated time.

I am a to-do-er, I love having a checklist and striking them often a daily basis, it helps to know what to prioritise. (I have friends who gift me only journals and planners now)

As the parent of a growing child, it never seems like I have spent enough time with my family. Balancing the two roles is everything.

There is enough inspiration around us all the time. We only need to find the determination within us to do more. There is a quote by Helen Keller “Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.” I believe it.  P.S: Read up on her life and her achievements – she is fascinating!

My Faktory - Kids wear
My Faktory – Kids wear

MyFaktory is predominantly a woman driven company. We have all kinds of women (Mums, Single, and Married) at MyFaktory who make all of it happen behind the scenes. A shy bunch of ladies with a keen eye for detail and an absolute love for seeing kids happy with the clothes they painstakingly sort, measure, and pack every day. The team consists of Jayashree, Kamakshi, Parvathy, Madhu, Nirosha, Sangeetha, Suganya.

The men of MyFaktory include my husband Naveen, who has been an amazing pillar of strength and support all these years, our photographer Yashwanth who is quite inspiring on his own, and of course, our de-facto male model, Li’l Alan.

Besides the team above, we also have Archana our consulting graphic designer who makes our social media posts happen. She also designed our logo! And last but not the least, my guide &mentor, Ajay who ensures that we operate with better efficiency every day.

I also am part of a company that offers Gift & Subscription boxes for little ones called AZ TUCKERBOX. I am partnered with a good friend, Gracelyne Fernando, who still happens to be one of MyFaktory’s regular Customers.

What you folks are doing is a fantastic initiative and I really wish you all the very best. There is so much potential for us Women to make our mark in the world and I only hope that more women take on their dreams and make them happen.

– says Jenifer.

WOI’s Note:

Thank you Jenifer. You are a notable mompreneur! As you said, we do wish women work on their dreams and make it happen! And, We are glad to feature your business story on WOI. We wish you all the best for your future endeavours. Keep Inspiring 🙂

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