WOI Feature: Aishwarya Sridharan – Dress Designer

Aishwarya Sridharan is the owner of Swarga India –  an Online clothing brand. She also works as a sub editor in a lifestyle Magazine. Being a Journalism graduate, 21 years old Aishwarya started her own clothing brand. She shares about her Business story with WOI.

Aishwarya - Owner of Swarga India
Aishwarya – Owner of Swarga India

It’s okay if you win or lose, but you must first start and pursue to figure out if you are going to win or lose!

I am Aishwarya Sridharan, I am 21 years old. I did my schooling in Chennai, High school in Mettupalayam and Vellore. I was brought up in a residential school for over 4 years which helped to learn about different fashion senses and styles in each and every person. My dad is a software engineer and my mom is no longer with us but she was an entrepreneur herself. She also curated clothes though not in a huge scale but for her friends and our neighbours.

I was a confused teenager, When I was in school I always wanted to be a writer but more often I used to think about running my own business. I wanted to experience a life as a writer so I persuaded BA Journalism and in the mid of my course I figured that business is what interests me more than any other career path I can think of. But I still worked as a sub-editor in a lifestyle magazine right after I finished my college.

I have always wanted to start my own business, but the idea of starting a clothing brand sparked when I was in my final year and all I wanted to wear was comfortable yet elegant cotton dresses. There are so many websites that sell cotton dresses, but they are either too pricey or those dresses cannot be customised. I always preferred dresses with cute little pockets. Since then, I started making my own dresses. When everyone started to really appreciate my dresses I thought why not sell a few dresses online at affordable rates with customisation. And that’s how the journey of Swarga India Began.

Dress Designed by Swarga India - Aishwarya
Dress Designed by Swarga India

I did everything right from the scratch with so much passion and love towards my business. I enjoyed every bit of it. It was so casual. My dad trusted in me and lent me 10,000 Rs as the working capital for my business. I went out to purchase some fabric with my sister like we always do for our daily wears. Maybe the most difficult part for me was to move forward and initiate the business and have faith in me that this is going to go well. Luckily, my partner kept me motivated and helped me move forward. He was my support system and I think his motivation helped me move forward.

My first sale was on the first day I posted my first product’s picture. The one who bought was an acquaintance. I was so happy that I made some money out of the efforts. The next day I sold my next product to a customer in Andhra Pradesh. I was excited about my first sale but my second sale was even more exciting because I sold it to someone who I never knew and she liked my product and bought it. My heart was pounding to know if the customer liked the product. Soon after she received she sent a really sweet message thanking me for a beautiful and comfortable dress.

The unforgettable moment/ milestone in my journey is yet to happen. I would like to start my boutique soon for my customers in Chennai. Everything is yet to come and this is just a beginning.

Swarga India Design for WOI - Womenpreneursofindia
Swarga India Design

I feel very strong and confident as an entrepreneur. There are so many lessons that I have learnt and I think I will still be learning more in the future. But the one thing that I have learnt is do what makes your customers happy and sell a dress that they will pick any day, that’s all that matters!

I follow a daily routine on checking if any of my customers asked for any queries. I sometimes get questions kind of ‘which colour legging should I pair with this silk top’ for which I reply with great interest. I think in one way or the other that clears the confusion in their head and it makes my customers happy to get a quick second opinion.

I try to be as quick as possible to respond to a customer but sometimes I won’t be able to keep up with the pace but I am learning to reply everyone at least within 20 minutes of time. Along with business, I work as sub editor in a Lifestyle magazine.

I have people around me to keep me motivated. My support system is my family and my main person is my partner. He is always behind my back to help me out or figure out a track if I am struck in a mess. He pushed my fear out of me and made me get started with my clothing brand. My customers are key for my motivation. They come and ask if I can post new designs of skirt and top model, or ikkat dresses in different colours so I am always into finding unique fabrics and designs for them.

When it comes to business there is no profit or loss. Its either fast profit or slow profit. Hang in there; you will definitely reach where you want to if there is 100% passion and effort!

– says Aishwarya.

WOI’s Note:

Thank you Aishwarya. Let your entrepreneurial dreams come true. We are glad to feature your business story on WOI. We wish you all the best for your future endeavours. Keep Inspiring 🙂

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