WOI Feature: Nazish & Insha – Footwear Designers

Nazish & Insha, sisters in their 20’s are owners of their online handmade footwear brand named Talking Toe. They are students who run their whole business without a team – starting from receiving the order, making them, clicking pictures for their social media to shipping. They have customers from B-town celebrities like Sara Ali khan, Neha Dhupia and many more to customers from different parts of the world. Nazish shares about their business story with WOI.

Nazish and Insha - Founder of Talking Toe
Nazish and Insha – Founders of Talking Toe

If a person wants to do something in his life – ready to give his 100% and works hard then nothing is impossible for him in this world!

Talking Toe is a handmade online store where you get all handmade, unique, stylish & innovative Kolapuris, Juttis and accessories. But the fact is all of them are handmade by 2 of us – Nazish & Insha. We are sisters working from our home. we are from the city of Nawab – Lucknow. We don’t have a team till now.

In 2015, after my graduation I and my best friend wanted to start something online of our own. So, she created a page on instagram and we started making hair accessories & Kolapuris in the beginning. Things went on. We started the business, took orders online but after a while there was some misunderstanding between us. But we kept solving it, moved on and focused on our business as we were in partnership and both had access of our instagram business account.

Jutti by Talking Toe
Jutti by Talking Toe

Later in 2016, because of various reasons we had a misunderstanding again. By the time, our instagram account had 4k+ followers for which we had been working really hard. I wanted to continue the business but she wasn’t interested anymore. Unfortunately, this time things got worse that I had no access to the instagram account because my best friend changed the password of it and never responded to any of my messages, calls or cries! That was the most horrible night for me, and I felt like ‘MERI DUNIYA HI KHATM HO GYI’. I was worried and depressed for a month because I had huge dreams to do something big in my life and wanted show the world my capability!

But, that was when my sister Insha stood by my side. She is my lifeline, and gives me positive vibes. She said “Relax & chill! We both shall start something new together and one day we will make a brand”

Footwear designed by Talking Toe
Footwear designed by Talking Toe

We came up with our brand name “TALKING TOE” and started making different types of foot wears for people around the world. Initially when we began, we didn’t get any orders until 3 months but we kept on focusing, worked hard day and night without losing hope. Presently, we are getting too many orders that we are planning to build our team!

Today, most of the B-TOWN celebrities and TV celebrities are flaunting Talking Toe’s kolapuris! We see people going crazy and they desperately want our stuff! We do exhibitions in different parts of our country now. And, we are excited about our website that is to be launched super soon.

Currently, I & Insha are running whole business from taking orders, making them, clicking pictures, packing orders to shipping them. We don’t even take holidays from our work because we love our work so much! But, at this moment -we are searching for people who are creative and someone who is desperately looking for a platform to showcase their talents.

Footwear designed by Talking ToeAs entrepreneurs, we both are independent that we are paying our college fees ourselves, we are able to support people with basic needs and we can buy things that we wish without depending on our parents. We started with zero followers but today talking Toe has ” 65k ” followers! They all are our family and we are grateful to them!

-Says Nazish.

WOI’s Note:

Thank you Nazish. You have been a fighter of your dreams beyond the hurdles. And, you’re blessed to have such a supportive sister Insha! We are glad to feature your business story on WOI. We wish you all the best for your future endeavours. Keep Inspiring 🙂

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