“I co-founded my first startup at 24 and my first sale was to the CEO of a national television channel” – Pooja Goyal, Social media Professional/Entrepreneur

Pooja Goyal, is the founder of her brands – Vamos Digital, a creative digital agency and TheP.O.Box, Design thinking wing of Vamos. Being the co-founder of her first startup at 24, she was awarded under the top 50 social media professionals of India. Pooja shares with WOI, about her entrepreneurial journey from how she cracked a presentation with her first client to how she feels as an entrepreneur today.

Pooja Goyal, Founder - Vamos Digital and TheP.O.Box
Pooja Goyal, Founder – Vamos Digital and TheP.O.Box

As women, multitasking and management comes naturally to us given the different roles we have to play and we must acknowledge that to be our biggest strength. No matter how small, start if you’re feeling the fire, you’ll carve a path as you go.

My love with arts and crafts during my primary school days nurtured my aspirations of becoming a creative digital professional. Coming from a traditional family with deep roots in the commodity trading business, I grew up amongst third generation entrepreneurs. I grew up to a bachelors degree in commerce, a masters degree in art, PR and advertising from M.O.P Vaishnav college for women and another in human resource management from Loyola institute of business management. The love for design and curiosity of how one gave form to inspiration got me to a short term at the pearl academy of design later on. Growing up to a an entrepreneur and an artist mother got me curious to do something in the creative space. I started my career as a content head in the digital space and later co founded my first startup in the digital space at 24.

Vamos Digital, my first entrepreneurial venture, is a creative digital agency based out of Bangalore. My desire to celebrate the first year anniversary for Vamos got me looking for a personalised, creative product as a gift to my close friends, clients and employees many of whom had supported me immensely during the time I was setting up the business. The lack of meaningful options the led me to conceptualising TheP.O.Box, the design thinking wing of Vamos. With TheP.O.Box we have done experience design, visual merchandising, creative consulting and product design for national and international brands so far and hope to collaborate and work on more fun and creative projects in the future.

In a world filled with technology and automation, I believe that the only differentiator that makes a brand stand out is creativity. Great brands are about trust, goodwill and reliance and that comes with a lot of hard work, no shortcuts there. Building a creative team and happy clients aren’t easy, but they sure as hell are worth it.

My first sale was a presentation to the CEO of a national television channel, I was new to the industry with very less industry related work to show, but 20 minutes into the presentation and I knew we had cracked it. Presentation, Preparation and confidence, thats how I make every sale. I received my first award by Nasscom and CMO Asia for being under the top 50 social media professionals of India.

Being an entrepreneur liberated me in the best way possible, I became more open to taking calculated risks, learnt to look at the bigger picture, being on the edge and leading by example keeps me disciplined and focused. I still struggle with delegating work I normally should, but I’m learning to, with every passing day. Reading about successful entrepreneurs and their journey keeps me hungry besides I try to crossfit and dance to push myself harder. My biggest support system has been friends and family, friends who have readily invested hours and acted as mentors and family that I derive all my learnings from. Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, my dad empowered me to go after my instincts fearlessly and thats been a huge blessing.

To never leave anything to assumption, to have thorough paperwork and processes in place and to constantly learn as the industry evolves are lessons I learnt.

Other than business, I try to make time for travel, I’m immensely passionate about exploring culture and music. Cook on days I can make time for myself and would love to make more time to pursue art.

-said Pooja.

WOI’s Note:

Thank you Pooja. You seem to be a creative entrepreneur with a mix of techy brain and a heart full of designs! We are glad to feature your entrepreneurial journey on WOI. We wish you all the best for your future endeavours. Keep Inspiring!

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