“Working in MNCs & MBA from Yale has nothing in common with my business” – Anuradha, Founder of Bumpadum cloth Diapers

Anuradha Rao is the founder of Bumpadum, a Cloth diaper brand manufactured in India. Being a MBA graduate from Yale university, and working in MNCs as Software engineer and strategy consultant, Anuradha runs her 2.5 years old garment business successfully. She shares with WOI about her business.

Anuradha Rao

Figure out what you are passionate about and try your best to make an impact. Try out different avenues to reach your goal as your first attempt may not be a success. Especially if you are trying to balance a family with a career, find a calling that will make time spent away from loved ones worth it.

Mum to a 4.5 year old, and expecting another one very soon, I am an ex-strategy consultant, ex-software engineer who decided to give up corporate life to start a garment manufacturing business from scratch. My prior life working in MNCs like IBM and Oracle, and studying MBA from Yale University and BE from Bangalore did not have anything in common with running a garment manufacturing business, but they taught me to be methodical and breakdown problems into smaller parts that could be solved easily. The result is a thriving business that has been running for 2.5 years and growing every month! The business I run is called Bumpadum, and we make comfortable, waterproof and eco-friendly cloth diapers and accessories for babies.

Bumpadum Logo

After my daughter was born, like all modern nuclear families, we decided to use disposable diapers for her, thanks to the leak-proof convenience it offered. But, little did I know how many diapers a small baby can go through in a day! Starting from 8-10 diapers in the new born stage, we were going through 6-7 diapers a day by the time she was one year old, all of them heading to a landfill somewhere, where they would sit without getting decomposed for more than 500 years. The colossal amount of waste a single baby generates (about 5000 diapers or 1.3 TONS over 3 years!) opened my eyes to the desperate need of having a sustainable, eco-friendly diapering option that was also convenient to use and suitable to modern lifestyles. And that is how I decided to start manufacturing cloth diapers that were washable yet waterproof, long-lasting yet trim and most importantly comfortable for the baby with no chemicals used.

The most difficult thing for a new brand is to get the product right and to build traction. Since I was a new mom with access to a network of other mothers, before launch I sent out samples of our products to them for thorough functional testing, and diligently incorporated all feedback into product design. I also focused on creating products with beautiful aesthetics, as our primary customers who are moms are also keen on using cute and adorable products for their children. As a result, I had a product that mothers would love to use and swore by. This also helped in generating those extremely important first reviews mainly on social media, which were key to building traction. There was no looking back after that!

Bumpadum Diapers

The reviews generated by our product testers on social media and the revolutionary nature at the time of the concept of a trim-fitted, long-lasting waterproof cloth diaper that also looked super cute on babies, both helped us in making our first few sales. In addition, we were the only cloth diaper being manufactured in India, which added to our USP.

Pretty early on, an important lesson I learnt was to focus on customer feedback. Always listen to what your customers are telling you, because they are the first ones who’ll let you know if you need to improve.

I wish each day had 48 hours instead of 24! But in all honesty, I think building a solid team to take your vision for the company forward is key and one of the most important aspects I work on. Also, I like to focus on making progress every single day, no matter how small, to keep me motivated.

2000 wide square bumpadumnl-61My whole family is my support system! My husband who is a hands on father, my mother who supported me by letting me start operations out of a room in her house, my sister who helps me with naming our beautiful prints and actually coined our brand name, and finally, my daughter who gives her approval to our new products! I love having them be so involved in my success, makes it sweeter during good times and gives me resilience during challenges 🙂

-says Anuradha.

WOI’s Note:

Thank you Anuradha. You are an Inspiring Mompreneur and your venture seem to make cloth diapering easy for new age parents.

we are glad to feature your entrepreneurial journey on WOI. We wish you all the best for your future endeavours & a happy motherhood with your second one. Keep Inspiring!

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