“I remember working the same day I delivered my daughter; Passion gave me strength” – Saritha Devpunje,Founder of Magneton Technologies

Saritha Devpunje, Founder & CEO of Magneton Tech pvt.ltd is a Mompreneur who manages her Business, baby and family at a time. She also manages her other business venture that deals with digital marketing. Being worked at various companies, she began her own firm. Saritha shares about her business story with womenpreneursofIndia – WOI.

Saritha Devpunje - Founder, Magneton Tech
Saritha Devpunje – Founder, Magneton Technologies

Please Dream and keep dreaming. Work towards your dream. We women have strength that is unmatchable. We can achieve anything we dream.

I am BCA , MBA Graduate and have worked at companies such as Cisco before I started my venture Magneton Tech pvt ltd . I am Happily married and blessed with a 15 month old kid and work with no holiday. I remember working the same day I delivered her as well . Passion gave me strength I must say!

My Mom is an entrepreneur herself. She takes embroidery and Zardosi classes and is a great cook and my inspiration to do something on my own and not rely on anyone. My Dad is a consultant at big food industries such as Modern foods , Nilgiries etc. and he is the first one to trust my every initiative. And, my Brother helped me with start up and today he works at Amazon. My Sister is an entrepreneur and runs a NGO and also seller on Amazon of Insta 360 cameras.

Magneton Technologies

I was working in a 9-5 job with great targets and awesome team to work with. I always had a chance to work with great bosses and teams. But, there was something that wasn’t right. I wasn’t happy and content. On introspecting, I realised that I had to start something on my own and hence Magneton Tech pvt ltd was started With support of my brother, husband and my family .

When we began, It was hard to find clients who trust us without a previous background was very difficult . But, we decided to give service better than others which is 1 year free AMC and 24/7 support if anything goes wrong. Today all my clients are with me for more than 3 years! I first reached out to my circle of friends and people I knew from work. I got my first sale from Prof.Bholanath Dutta – Founder, President & Convener of MTC global. And then there is no looking back!

My family has been my support system. My mom, dad, brother and sister are the first source of support l always get and they have helped me set up Magneton Tech. My brother Shiv sagar also the co founder, helped me work through initial stages to take the business to next level. My In-laws have always supported me to get independent and work. Mukesh- Love of my life and my backbone always supports me to an extent of letting go of his carrier and become a stay at home father which is really a big support to me. And, my Friends and Mentor Mallikarjun Reddy of med sol and Vishal dogra , vineeth Kadam have been a great support during bad times of my business. My mentor, Mr.Dutta has helped me in first few years and still gives me suggestions and advice.

Saritha with her family in a meetingIt’s been quite a journey, Working through pregnancy, attending meetings with my new born, Handling office with a baby! But, It’s just awesome to be an entrepreneur. More than an entrepreneur, I am an Mompreneur. We know our strengths only when we try – they say’ and so true it is. My greatest milestone was to receive the prestigious MTC global – start up award for 2 years in  2013 and 2014.

Other than Magneton, I manage my home of 5 members, Sell Insta360 cameras on Amazon, Design Sarees with embroidery and Zardosi. I have learnt many lessons through out this journey. To sum it up, It takes Passion, dedication and lots of Patience to achieve your dreams and never let go. It’s impossible to work with a baby all said . It’s impossible to balance home, work and baby they said and today I prove them all wrong! I take 20 minutes of ‘me time’ daily, no matter what. I meditate and then plan my day. I believe and follow these 3 golden words – “I GET TO”

whenever there is a need for ‘I HAVE TO’, I replace it with ‘I GET TO’. Like, whenever I have to feed by baby while I work it becomes I GET TO feed my baby while I work and everything changes like magic! I also write down my short term and long term goals and celebrate each achievement, it keeps me going and helps me do more. – says Saritha.

WOI’s Note:

Thank you Saritha. You seem to master the art of balancing family and business in an amazing way!

we are glad to feature your entrepreneurial journey on WOI. We wish you all the best for your future endeavours. Keep Inspiring!

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