“They asked me how much should they pay, I had no idea!” – Krithika, Founder of Kaya shastra : A natural body care products brand

Krithika Prasad is the founder of Kaya shastra, a brand that makes natural body care products. She is an Electronics engineer, who then did bachelors in Marketing Management & masters in Telecom Marketing Management. She is a guest RJ and dubbing artist for hobby, with 20+ years of professional experience in data analytics, user experience & product management. Today, she is a woman entrepreneur who manages her brand along with her sister, to bring awareness about everyday chemical products we use. Krithika shares with WomenpreneursOfIndia – WOI, about her business journey.

Womenpreneursofindia(WOI) feature - Krithika prasad, Founder of Kaya shastra
Krithika Prasad – Founder, Kaya shastra

You can do it. You don’t have to know everything before you start. Have a strong good vision. Take the first step. That’s it. Universe will conspire.

I read the following quote when I was in 6th standard – “Thought possess very strong vibratory power”. I am not sure of the book name or author but the quote stayed with me forever. And in experience I have realized that every single thought manifests in some form or other. whatever I am today is from the thought I had at some point of time.

About my early years, though I hated going to school but loved learning & understanding things. People used to run away from me as I had the question ‘why’ at the end of every answer. I take my hobby very seriously. I do radio shows as guest RJ, I am also a dubbing artist, ad voice artist, IVR voice. And, for professional career – I explored everything from coding, R&D, project management, sales, marketing. Though I tried a lot of work streams, I figured out my love for data analytics, user experience & product management. So, I pursued these for a very long time. I have 20+ years of professional experience which gave me the good taste of the rat races in corporate career.

Thanks to my younger sister for triggering me to explore the entrepreneurial journey. I quit the corporate and decided to explore in a field that I just had passion but no experience. Along with my younger sister, I co-founded a brand for organic clothes to be available for infants in India at affordable cost. And then, kaya shastra just happened.

Womenpreneursofindia(WOI) feature - Krithika prasad, Founder of Kaya shastra's logo

Telling about kaya shastra, It was never a business idea. The whole idea was to tell people what I realized about the impacts of chemicals & had this unexplainable aggression to quickly move people away from soaps, shampoos & toothpastes. By using these synthetics every day, I realized we are injecting poison voluntarily and diseases because of these can never be even traced.

And the time I realized, I & my sister started making products for our family. It wasn’t too difficult since I  used to make my own face masks & spot treatment to treat my acne during my teenage made from kitchen ingredients. Still I didn’t jump making products with those trivial experiences. I took systematic learning method. Learnt about our body system, herbs, ayurveda, siddha, naturopathy systems by interning with doctors. Thanks to all those beautiful supportive people who helped me understand & learn things that I wouldn’t have learnt in any system of formal education.

When I spoke about the chemical impacts with my friends, they asked for alternatives & I had to share my stash. Words spread. Friends of friends & their friends started asking for the products that we use. Since, it was never a business idea; I was simply sharing my stash of homemade products with friends. And then there were friends of friends. And in one such occasion, a friend asked me how much should they pay – I had no idea! But, she insisted to pay. So, I took Rs.100 that time. Later, I realized I too can’t sustain sharing stash for a long time. That is when I & my sister decided to plan a process around this.

So, I & my sister decided to make the process easier. We worked on things like creating a brand, company, GST, web store and logistics. And finally, our brand kaya shastra became a brand that provides handmade and 100% all natural products for mindful natural body care routines.

I believe that a brand is not just a name & logo. It’s the thought that comes in one’s mind when they hear the brand’s name. and what they hear will have to be in sync with our vision. And, my vision is to provide handmade and 100% all natural products for mindful body care routines and move people away from chemical/synthetic products.

For people who know me personally, they know to what extent I go to live my vision. Every product is energized positively with health & happiness mantra chanting. So, It’s easy for people who I know to trust me & use these products! But, it is challenging to get the message right to the people I don’t know. But a positive challenge. I am Still learning & will continue to learn.

IMG_2313Each day is amazing for me. When people jump with joy & share their experiences on good skin & relief from skin, hair & tooth troubles – I simply get goose bumps. I love it! This keeps me going.

Whenever they share with me about how they have gone #nosoapchallenge, #noshampoochallenge and #notoothpastechallenge with #allnatural I feel elated. it’s one step closer to my vison.

And, that day is unforgettable day when I got to crack the #allnatural hair wash powder kesa shudhhi. That’s definitely a milestone. No more shampoos with silicones, parabens & SLS. That gives me a relief!

kaya shastra is not just a business. So, there’s no business journey – it is now my life journey.

I feel like a complete human as an entrepreneur. I have a good vision. I am giving my best to this. I am happy. I am contented. So, I feel human! First thing I learnt is patience. It takes time for any business tasks and processes. So, I learnt to be a little patient. It’s different when you work in corporates with zillion teams. I was used to get the frilly things done by other teams and focused only on what I enjoyed. But, now the world is different. I have to do everything even if I don’t enjoy doing it. Second important thing I learnt is to show the real ‘ME’. It’s perfect to mess up and to say that you don’t know. People really understand and appreciate when you explain. So, there’s no need to build an image that’s not real or difficult to maintain.

I can’t fix myself to a routine. I get bored of the routines. Most of the days, I do get up early around 5AM. But there are days, I snuggle till 10 AM. But in general, I love to keep myself fit. Atleast 5 days a week, I work out and it’s either 4-5 kms jogging or 1hr of floor exercises / yoga. Sometimes, zumba and xbox fitness too. And I remind myself to be mindful as much as possible.

In the last few years, after understanding the way how digestion works, I try to eat sensibly. And, like any other India married woman & mother – I do all regular chores. I ensure to cook for my family. Yes, I am so particular that cooking has to be done either by me & or my husband. it’s not just ingredients or veggies, I believe the emotions during cooking impacts our health & emotions. so, we avoid outside food as much as possible.

I also do 3 days of fruit detox every month. Only fruits on 1st, 2nd & 3rd of every month. I insist & motivate this to all friends who I interact. And, we as a group of 100+ people just completed our 5th monthly ‘123 detox party.

If there’s a point where I had to struggle for something and that’s not for any positive impact, I guarantee that I shall cease to do that. Practically, there are struggles like any bootstrapped startup has. We too have struggles like limited human resources, storage space and logistics. But, I know all these have solutions. So, all good right now. I hate repetitiveness and I love conceptualizing customized processes that suits me. I see everything can be improvised & anything can be better than what it is now.

Womenpreneursofindia(WOI) feature - Krithika prasad, Founder of Kaya shastra with her famiky
Krithika with her family

My family has been my support system. My sister is the one I call when I am happy, irritated, sad and obviously to gossip. She is my 2AM, 2PM anytime friend. My brother in law supports in sourcing & processing. And, my husband is generally my beta tester. I try all new formulations in the R&D on him first & check reactions. When he is not travelling, he takes care of cooking, takes care of kids & does all odd jobs. He doesn’t complain or doesn’t make it look like a favor. Our kids – my two girls & my sister’s son – what do i say about them? They are our blessing. when there’s a need, they literally do everything from cleaning raw materials, measure, pack, clean, label the products, help me in photography, dispatches. I am blessed to have such a family.

I should mention about my friends too. They are my shock absorbers. I call them & without any context I talk about my challenges. Whether they understand them or not, they do motivate me to hang on and that’s exactly why I call them.

Life is fun. But to have fun, health is important. Let’s be conscious on what we think, what we eat. It’s equally important what we use on our body. our skin absorbs. it goes to the bloodstream. so, Let’s take efforts to understand our body. Let’s respect & love our body. No technology can replicate the systems that we have in our body. So, let’s be sensible & live healthy.

– says Krithika.

WOI’s Note:

Thank you Krithika. Your business is surely a mindful initiative that helps people to stay away from everyday chemicals that are harmful. We are glad to feature your entrepreneurial journey on WOI. We wish you all the best for your future endeavours. Keep Inspiring!

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