“I still have a really long way to go and become a successful photographer” – Madhumitha, Photographer & Founder Madhusharan Photography

Madhumitha sharan is a Photographer & founder of Madhusharan_photography. With 6 years of work experience in IT industry, She quit her job to take up her call for passion seriously. She is a budding photographer specialised in Maternity & baby shoots. Madhumitha shares about her journey from being an IT employee to a Woman entrepreneur with WOI-Womenpreneursofindia.

WOI feature Madhumitha Sharan
Madhumitha Sharan

Patience and dedication is most important thing. If you think you can do it you will definitely do it and achieve it one day. Wait for it!

I was born in Chennai. I am a single child but no, I am not a pampered brat. My Parents are my huge support system. Dad and I are more like Tom and Jerry. Mom is more like my best friend. We lived in Hyderabad for 11 years and moved back to Chennai. I did my computer science engineering, and worked with Infosys for 6 years – Workplace never looked like a workplace. I have always been surrounded with friends.

My regular life used to be leaving home around 7.00am to reach the work and getting back home around 8.00pm. Side by side, I used to just keep clicking pictures of things around along with never-ending selfies. It was my father-in-law and husband who found out that I could do well in the field of photography. So, the idea of me being a photographer sparked to them and not me! Until then I never thought I could become someone of what I am today.

That is when; I wanted to do something different from the regular wedding photography. I love babies and am really good handling them. So, I thought why not take that up and move ahead with it. But, I was completely blank on how do I go about it. Then I got to check Amrita (mommyshotsbyamrita)’s profile. I emailed her about joining with her as an intern.


I joined her as an intern and assisted her for shoots in Bangalore and Chennai only on weekends as I was still working then. And that’s where I learnt everything! She is one of my inspiration and the best mentor one could have. Then, after 1.5years I took a call of quitting my job and taking this up seriously. After that, I started to work full-time with her and I am still learning from her.  I think learning from Amrita has been the game changer in my career.

After I started, my very close friend was my first customer. I did the maternity shoot for her. She didn’t take the privilege of me being a friend and never asked for a free shoot. Rather, she trusted me and had done her shoot with me. And, she paid me for it.

Through this journey, I learnt – Patience, dedication, hard work, to keep learning something new every day and Ignore negativity around me.


My family has always been my support system. And, it is also Amrita who keeps encouraging and pushing me forward everyday to improve. When you have a great support system around you that’s enough to be motivated and move ahead. But, I feel I still have a really long way to go and become a successful photographer.

-says Madhumitha.

WOI’s Note:

Thank you Madhu. We are sure that you are already a successful photographer! And, your family seem to be a great example for being a strong support system for a woman after her marriage.

we are glad to feature your business journey on WOI. We wish you all the best for your future endeavours. Keep Inspiring.

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