“I reached 3000 customers in 10 Months” – Salma, Founder of OrgaBlends

Salma Yasmin is the owner of OrgaBlends –  an Online personal care products brand. She is a MBA graduate who quit her corporate job to start something of her own. Today, she is a passionate women entrepreneur and founder of OrgaBlends who reached 3000 customers in 10 months! Salma shares more about her business story with WOI- Womenpreneursofindia.

Salma , Founder of Orga blends

Believe in your inner gut & never be hesitant to chase your dream!

I am a proper Chennai woman with a MBA grad. I Worked as an HR for 6 years and dropped my papers when I was working with Cognizant. I am staying with my mom whereas my dad is always on travel. So, majority of my time is spent with my mother who is a my biggest strength. My Fiancé who is an entrepreneur as well and my mom are the two main pillars of strength personally and professionally.32457844_2055729474440710_2513142311584530432_nRight from my school, I always wanted to be an entrepreneur. I completed my B.com & MBA. I personally believe education is very important, no matter which field you pursue. I joined a small firm as an HR, just for my parents satisfaction and it went for 6 years( yes, that’s huge). The alarm to become an entrepreneur was always ringing behind my brain, though I was earning pretty good. But, money alone is not everything right? I did a year of research on what I exactly wanted to do, how I am going to handle my finances and funding. I am a self-made woman and I never depend on anyone for my finances from the time I started working.

36850924_1955147947881615_4042128601418563584_oOne day, I shared about my passion with my fiancé (my friend, 4 years back), and worried if it will work. Without thinking for a minute, he just said ‘Drop your papers and follow your passion. You are a strong woman and you can do it’! – It all started there.

IMG_20190203_171413_BokehWhen I was on the research phase, I found every street has a similar business with close to 20k+ followers. I was very sceptical but I strongly believed myself and my inner gut, that I will stand out among the crowd. All my products will have a unique name which vocals more of the benefit of the product. This was one of the major reasons I built my brand pretty good. Believe in your inner gut, your brand will be in limelight.
IMG_20190203_170218I created a FB page & Instagram account and announced on my personal profile. My fiancé who is a photographer/designer helped to design the posters and did appealing product photo shoots. My first sale was from a friend’s friend and I definitely can’t forget that evening! Most unforgettable moment/milestone in my business journey would be when I touched 3000 customers in 10 months with a good turnover. I am proud about it anytime!

34268603_2074666182547039_931091803887632384_oI feel like I am up on the cloud because, I am doing what my heart always wanted to. I learnt to trust and believe in myself, never lose my cool, not to compare my work with any of the competitors and to stay unique. I read my customer’s reviews again and again. It actually pushes me further and keeps me motivated. But, one thing that I am struggling with is – manpower, as the business is pretty good with continuous orders. I am also planning to hire people soon.

I would like to thank my mom and my fiancé who have been my support system. Mom helps me in packaging and I should thank her big time for always doing that. At times 39755101_1600390723398572_1586951447633723392_nwhen I myself forget, she reminds me to pack the products and dispatch them as soon as possible. She is such strength! And, my Fiance helps in designing/photo shoots and purchase of materials. Whenever I am stressed, he ensures that I get back to normal and always pats my back to go further. I thank them so much for all that they have done and been doing. I wouldn’t have done it better without them! – says Salma.

WOI’s Note:

Thankyou Salma. You are a passionate woman entrepreneur. May your brand reach more heights! We are glad to feature your business story on WOI. We wish you all the best for your future endeavours. Keep Inspiring!

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