I feel motivated when he says, “Mom, you make me feel proud!” – Swapnaa Reddy, Celebrity Stylist & Founder of SWAADH -Clothing Brand

Swapnaa Reddy is a celebrity stylist and founder of Swaadh – her signature clothing store. Being passionate about fashion, this engineering graduate put her hands on designing and started her own clothing store. Today, she is a mompreneur who is one of the leading celebrity stylist and designer in Tamil television Industry. Swapnaa shares about her business journey with WOI-Womenpreneursofindia.

WOI- Womenpreneurs of India feature
Swapnaa Reddy, Founder – SWAADH

Women are not moulded to light the world like a candle that melts to shed its wax but sculpted to be an iconic monument to be looked upon by the world!  We shine and lit the lights in everyone’s life being womenpreneurs!

WOI- Womenpreneurs of india
Swapnaa Reddy

I am Swapnaa Reddy and my signature store is SWAADH. It all started 6 years ago when I had a thought that every bride deserves to dress up stupendously unique on her big day. For a while I was concentrating on brides and grooms, then I had a thought why not everyone have a custom outfit, so I started doing all kinds of outfit with my personal touch. Fashion is my passion, I love experimenting and all my experiments turned out with a result of broad smile on my client’s face. The best quality I assure is the quality of the clothing. People who choose Swaadh will always experience the magic of colour and flavours of design.

WOI-Womenpreneurs of India featureThough I was from an engineering background, something inside me always kept me pushing to walk through the fashion market and reach the world of trends. Like every girl grows looking up to her mother, I did too. She has been my inspiration. The care she takes to dress up for every occasion and how she customized my outfits from the days when I was a little toddler until now, she has always inspired me to dress up well; that sparked the designer in me to work on designing unique outfits to all my clients.

Initially I started up designing and selecting outfits for my cousin, and then my family and friends suggested me to start up my own signature style. My husband and my brother insisted to take my hands off from my system creating codes to sketch books and creating designs, that’s how SWAADH evolved!

WOI- womenpreneurs of india feature
VJ Ramya in Swaadh design

According to me, fashion is fresh and timeless. There is nothing new or old in fashion. What was once termed old is trendy new now. So fashion is always revolving. I like its freshness; I would say fashion is immutable like the waves of the sea. I chose fashion field because I love change and change is everlasting. I feel that the eyes that never sees anything positive or negative but sees everything creative is destined to be in the world of fashion.  And I love my destiny!

I get inspired from everyone and everything around me and I feel it brings life to the clothes. From the little ant to the huge sculptural pillars in the palaces, everything inspires me from its colours to its patterns and that’s what I bring in my clothing designs.

WOI - womenpreneurs of india feature
Actress Aishwarya Rajesh in Swaadh Design

My uniqueness is that I would say, I bring life to the imagination of my clients. I take utmost care to listen to their heart and then give them a visionary feast. I design each clothing in such a way that it stays outstanding in its own style. I don’t believe in designing for the season instead I design according to the reason and occasion requirements. Fashion is undying don’t complicate it and keep it simple, is my motto.

There are many unforgettable moments but my first one will always be special. It was when I first started designing for very talented gorgeous south indian Anchor DD for her famous talk show- ‘Koffee with DD’ that she does on a leading tamil channel. She put a spotlight on my brand, and the journey continued for two seasons of the show. Later, I also designed her clothing for star vijay awards for two consecutive years.

WOI-Womenpreneurs of india Features swapnaa
DD in Swaadh
WOI- womenpreneurs of india feature
Kiki Vijay in Swaadh

And then, my recent biggest moment was my fashion show at the Wedding Vows connect (wvconnect.in) event where I showcased a set of fascinating festive collection named Agni.  AGNI – I always relate women to fire and hence my theme. All those attires where in shades of yellow, orange and red. I designed the outfits with metallic ornaments and added customary coats and belts!

WOI - womenpreneurs of india feature
Actress SaiDhanshika in Swaadh designs

My toughest time was when Chennai floods did its share of drowning my business, but I swam across the waves and did a reboot mode to Swaadh again. I call my entrepreneurship a success, though the steps were hard to climb, I climbed every step with a struggle and had a bunch of friends and my family who had been cheering my name loud to reach the heights with a smile.

WOI - womenpreneurs of India feature

Being a mompreneur was never difficult for me, because my son is my biggest motivation. Every time I feel work life balance was on a toil and I could not climb the next step, I ask my little hero my son “Do you think I need to spend enough time with you” he hugs and tells me “Mom, you make me feel proud, do what you love to do, and I always love you for what you are to me”. He accompanies me for my fabric shopping. he loves to see me discussing patterns with clients and hands me the palette of colours with his tiny hands and tells me, “colour your designs and show to them ma!”

-says Swapnaa.

WOI’s Note:

Thank you Swapna. You are a creative designer and a prooving mompreneur shining beyond your everyday work-life struggles. We are glad to feature your business story on WOI. We wish you all the best for your future endeavours. Keep Inspiring!

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