“To be a better mom or to be a successful mompreneur?” – Amala, Founder of KIDZBUY- Books for kids India

Amala Jenifer is a mompreneur and founder of online book store – Books for Kids India -KIDZBUY  She is a teacher by profession who turned to be an entrepreneur. She sells amazing collection of educational books and toys for kids at an affordable price. Amala is a toddler mom who manages her business all by herself. She shares about her business journey with WOI-Womenpreneursofindia.

(WOI)Womenpreneurs of India feature - Amala
Amala Jennifer

Hard work and dedication will never go waste. Satisfaction can only be attained when you work from your heart passionately.

I’m Amala Jenifer settled in Chennai. My Dad worked for NLC, my  mom is a home maker and I have an elder brother who is working in an MNC. My husband is an Oracle Consultant and our son is 3 years old now. I am a Computer Science & B.Ed Graduate. I worked as a Computer teacher at an international School in Chennai. Being Cambridge certified, I have dealt with Kids and Books. Currently, I am the founder owner of BooksforKidsIndia KIDZBUY – Online Books and Toys Store. I find it easier and interesting to ‘think and create’, than to replicate on idea which was tried and tested by someone else. This seemed to be me from childhood, and it helped me build my way in business too.

(WOI)Womenpreneurs of India feature - AmalaTo begin with, after my son was born, I knew it was not easy for me to leave him under someone else’s care to continue my job. With lot of homeschooling plans for him, I knew I got to do something without disturbing my work life balance. I started building our first Library when he was 9 months old. He loved books and I was eager to bring in more resources for him. My experience as a teacher, aided me a lot. I thoroughly wished to expose fellow moms to best books and resources at affordable rates, and then build on. That’s how BooksforKidsIndia KIDZBUY was born.

I remember, I had initially created a whatsapp group, facebook page and instagram account for sales. And, my first sale happened in our whatsapp group from my post on some interactive board books. Initially, we started with 50-60 members and now we have around 2.9K+ instagram followers, 1.6K+ facebook followers and whatsapp group full with members. That’s the member growth with not too much time spent on targeting huge crowd or through any paid promotions.

(WOI)Womenpreneurs of India feature - AmalaTo find the best and right source, was most challenging of all. But, we learnt from our setbacks. I feel, one needs to provide unique and quality products at affordable prices with customer satisfaction being the aim to build a brand. I strive to bring in smile and happiness from every customer who orders from us. I believe, my knowledge in using social media platforms, its features & tools, designing and presentation skills has helped me build our online customer base easily.

(WOI)Womenpreneurs of India feature - AmalaBeing a one woman workforce in business is absolutely challenging. To cope up with time, I spend more than one hour after my family is asleep. That is when I find new Kids resources online, analyse, compare and sort out the best ones. Along with checking prices, find dealers /importers and deciding if I’ll be able to make it available to my members at best price or not. When dealers approach me to sell their products, I purely choose based on their product’s learning outcomes, quality and cost effectiveness etc. Most importantly, this online business requires being 24/7 online to respond to all the queries. I learnt to be creative and unique, to be open to feedbacks, to maintain standard quality, to be organised and realistic and to stay alert. With a 3 years old active toddler, I fight war within myself to be a better mom or to be a successful entrepreneur. But, I’m happy when no one wins and there is always a balance.

I love being a mompreneur and I am glad that without any paid promotions we have dispatched 2200+ books and toys in 1.5 years. My Kid, our client feedbacks and being active with family and friends keeps me motivated. But, business being my choice, I’m more of self motivated too! Fortunately, my family has been a huge support. My hubby takes care of our son while I am at work. (WOI)Womenpreneurs of India feature - AmalaMy brother is a best critic and helps me with business related decision making and plays a major role in taking this business to next level. And, big thanks to my helpers for helping me with packing and shipping my customer orders for almost a year now. And above everything, all Praise to Almighty for blessing me with courage and strength to keep moving.

Finally, I take this opportunity to thank all our customers, dealers & supporters! We couldn’t have done any of these without them. And my heartfelt thanks to WOI. I would be glad if our story inspires even one person to work towards their passion more confidently. And you are doing a wonderful job by interviewing womenpreneurs and featuring them to get them recognized. It’s really motivating!

-says Amala.

WOI’s Note:

Thankyou Amala. You are an inspiring mompreneur helping other parents to raise young readers.  We are glad to feature you on WOI. We wish you all the best for your future endeavours. Keep Inspiring!

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