“This start-up is the reason I could deal with my post pregnancy depression” – shravya, Owner at Little Souls wardrobe

Shravya is a mompreneur and founder of online Kids Clothing store – Little Souls Wardrobe  She is a science graduate turned to be an entrepreneur. From looking for summer outfits and designing clothes for her son, she started her own kids clothing brand. She shares more about her business journey with WOI-Womenpreneursofindia.


Believe in yourself and then plan – It will definitely work out!

I am a science student and a Masters graduate from New York, currently settled in Melbourne, Australia. I am on a break after I had my baby boy in 2017. That is when I planned my start-up. My son Arjun is the reason behind my business! I was in a hunt to buy few summer fits when he was a newborn baby. When I started doing that, I explored many options and wasn’t satisfied. Maybe I didn’t knew there were amazing brands already ruling the market and I just started to buy fabrics and design his clothes by myself.

Later, I got this idea of a starting a clothing store. I thought of reaching Bindu, my cousin who would be a perfect partner because she is already into designing kids clothing, and asked her if she liked the idea of starting this. And to my luck she said yes! That’s how it all started. This start-up is the reason I could deal very well with my post pregnancy depression.


As a new mom I had my own challenges of sparing time with my son as well as for my business. The initial days were challenging and eventually I came up with a work structure that suited my daily routine. My partner and my cousin Bindu were my greatest support system. When we started, our first order was very memorable. It was for a baby girl and we enjoyed it thoroughly. Our first order also felt like a ray of hope and we celebrated it.

Our unforgettable moments in business journey would be the happy testimonials that we receive from our clients. It doubles our strength to work much harder. It all happened with the help of my partner who is also my support system. She does all the ‘behind the curtain’ work and looks after all things single handed. We push each other up when we feel low and we strive hard to make our clients happy. At the end when we see pictures of kids in our label, we forget all our stress, which also makes us feel much contented.

IMG_7689I always believe in “one at a time“ concept. Make a wish list and go one at a time. I believe, it leaves us focused on every wish we write to succeed. We are proud of our organic followers. I feel so contented to be a woman and momprenuer. That happiness can’t be verbally framed. It is in our heart .I don’t say it’s easy or difficult! Everyone have their own challenges and I accept it, few moments are really hard to manage and few days are really bad and stressful but at the end of the day what matters is “Hard work never fails “! I follow and organise a schedule for the day and things go by that most of the times. Touchwood! And, Bindu is one of the greatest assets to LSW I must say! Lastly, with this post I would express my gratitude to all my LSW community and especially WOI for giving me this beautiful opportunity to share my views. More power to you guys!

– says Shravya.

WOI’s Note:

Thank you Shravya. We wish you all the best for your future endeavours of LSW. WOI is glad to feature your business story. Keep Inspiring!

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  1. Siva pethakamsetty says:

    Excellent work and Very Good Support from Bindu and Congratulations to both. in future very good Results will come.God Bless You Both.


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