“Most important thing in business is, product acceptability by customers!” -Swathi, Founder – A Toddler Thing

Swathi Sri Aravind is a mompreneur and founder of A Toddler Thing – an online cloth diaper store. She is an engineer by profession. But, with a desire to start something of our own that adds value to sustainable living, she started her cloth diaper brand. Being a mom, she began her brand with a motive to insist an eco friendly diapering practice among new age parents. Swathi shares with WOI about her entrepreneurial journey.

Swathi, Founder of ‘A Toddler Thing’

In spite of all the obstacles stick to your core values and be persistent in maintaining the quality and the integrity of the product/service you offer to provide!

I am an enthusiastic person by nature and I am very self-determined person who has always been a go-getter right from the younger days. My hobbies are classical dancing, travel and socialicing with people. I am a crazy movie fanatic and I am a mother who loves spending time with my little one with whatever time I get.

An engineer by profession and having been active in many entrepreneurial activities from college, I always had the desire and passion to start a firm that adds value to a sustainable living. Idea of cloth diapering came up when we witnessed the amount of disposable diapers we used for our baby in the house. After 2 years of intensive R&D with my co-founder/friend Ashwanth, we launched ‘A Toddler Thing’ with an aim to revolutionize the art of modern day parenting in India. The brand’s motive is to make the new generation moms understand the benefits of cloth diapering and switch to use of non-toxic, eco-friendly and reusable baby care merchandise.

atoddlerthing logo

Being a new entrant to the industry with no experience in textiles, we faced quite a lot of challenges right from sourcing of raw materials, making samples and getting the right set of products which was accepted by the market and the customers. Building a brand from scratch involves a lot of variables that has to be considered, tested and developed. We had a vision for the brand, but to execute it involved a lot of commitment, strategy and the most important was the right set of team and the product acceptability by the customers.

att 3

We launched our brand in Minroo (A popup in Chennai) which was held in December 2017. Our first sale was very close to my heart, we received a lot of positive feedback from our customers about our design and quality. We started as an online store in December 2017 and slowly after 18 months in the industry we have customer base of above 10,000 and we supply to 25 stores and 10 online marketplaces across the country!

Every time we receive a positive feedback from our customer, we feel delightful to be a part of their parenting journey and the trust and the integrity they have in our products . It makes us work even harder to add more value to our services. But, the most emotional moment was, when I got to use our products on my baby and experiencing it personally as a mother, than a brand owner who developed it! It made me realize the value of the products we have created.

att 2

And, We have been recognized as a RUNNER UP ‘Best eco-friendly diaper brand in 2018′ by KSP Awards, and that was one of the most memorable and unforgettable milestone in our brand’s journey.

att 1

To be patient is the lesson I learnt as an entrepreneur, because great things take time! I personally feel women entrepreneurs have a lot of new and innovated ideas and can be the best in any field. I believe multi-tasking with work-life balance is the most important assets an entrepreneur could have. I also feel being an entrepreneur is a way of life and there is no end to it. It is a part of me and I would always have the inclination to learn, adapt and equip myself. I take every challenge/struggle as a learning process and an opportunity to be a better person in all walks of life. And, through out my journey, My Parents, husband and of course my darling daughter has always been very supportive. My daughter is the one who pushes me to chase my dreams. A better tomorrow, a better world is what I want to give her and this is what motivates me!Finally, I would like to thank WOI for such a wonderful initiative that they have taken. This platform indeed is helping a lot of women entrepreneur like me to get recognised and motivated to do more. – says Swathi.

WOI’s Note:

Thankyou Swathi. We wish ‘A toddler Thing’ brings up a revolution in modern day cloth diapering, insisting an eco friendly option for new age parents! WOI wishes you all the best for your future endeavours. Keep Inspiring!

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