“I entered my business when it was in a deep hole!” – Himani, Executive Director – The Royal Residency

Himani Kathuria is the Executive director of The Royal Residency – a real estate company developing and delivering lifestyle and work place environments at Karnal, Haryana. She is a Fashion designer by profession who turned to be an entrepreneur managing a real estate firm. Being passionate about fashion, real below the whole article to know why she got into real estate business. Himani shares more about her career shift and business story with WomenpreneursOfIndia – WOI.

Womenpreneursofindia(WOI) feature Himani Khathuria
Himani Kathuria

Move out of your comfort zone and you can achieve everything you want to. Nothing is impossible if you stay away from fear!

After my graduation in NIFT, as a fashion designer and couple of courses from London College of Fashion, I was offered a job in London as a designer. I decided to visit India and then come back to London after a short break, before I start my job. My father was involved in real estate and related projects since I was a kid. He used to take me along to work dressed up in pants and shirts tucked in, after my school hours and on holidays, which I enjoyed as a kid. I always enjoyed looking and observing my father when he was at sites. As I grew, I was busy with my own affairs. But, when I was back on a short break, I realized it was time for me to share the responsibility of my family with my father. After thinking twice, I joined my father’s business! I never thought I will do it because; I always wanted to be a fashion designer. But, I also realized it’s not always about our dreams.

When I joined the company, it was on a difficult turn. I use to spend all day on sites struggling to understand the nature of work and get things to be on track. I understood that, it is really difficult to set our feet in the market what so ever our work it might be. Only key to the success is hard work. But, in a smart way!

Our business being a condominium project, it takes a lot to convince people to sell a flat – which will be somebody’s home! But, if we make sure to them about certain things like – the particular project is secure, has branded and good quality of products fitted, well finished, a good locality, the project has landscaping and is clean. These points will be explained well to the customers and we build trust. That is what I did.

IMG-20190816-WA0004.jpgWhen I started, everyday was hard enough because, I had a very less idea about how things worked. But, slowly things got really smooth and the work seemed not difficult at all. I feel proud to be an entrepreneur and in my business, everyday is a new day with some obstacle or another. But, I believe there is always a solution for every problem in the world. There are always ups and downs in everything you do and those ups and downs decide the future of the company. The need is to maintain a balance of both to keep things running. Sometimes the down part of the business may go way beyond your hands and you are left with a lot of stress and difficulties.

IMG-20190816-WA0003.jpgI entered my business when it was in a deep hole! Initially, the business was in partnership and was on the edge to shutdown due to a friction between the parties. Our family decided to buy them out somehow and then the whole responsibility was in our hands. It was the most difficult phase for all of us. I joined the business and we decided to keep working hard especially for the people who have invested in our flats which would be their dream home! Their wishes and prayers, along with the hard work of our team, took us through the rough patch and we successfully gave the possession of the project in June 2018! Today, our project involving 7 towers, out of which 3 have been already finished and people have started residing there from last few months. The rest of the 5 towers are starting shortly and would be launched during this year diwali.

IMG-20190816-WA0002.jpgLot and lot of patience was one big thing that I learnt getting involved in this business. There were all types of people – soft and hard, harsh and polite. But, I figured out that, with patience one can always touch the soft corner of anyone’s heart. Whenever I feel low, I go round the project and see how beautifully things have come up. It fills me with lots of motivation. And, my mother, my father, my sisters, my dearest brother and each one of them from my team has been my support system throughout this journey.

Moreover, I freelance as a fashion designer and stylist as well. It keeps my soul satisfied for the love of fashion in me. But, being an executive manager of a company always makes me and my dad proud! – Says Himani

WOI’s Note:

Thankyou Himani. Your business story is an example, we can say – a strong determination will bring success, no matter what the area of expertise is! Also, we are inspired by your take as a daughter! And, we are glad to feature your business story on WOI. WOI wishes you all the best for your future endeavours.

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