Designing over 100 products in a year is an unforgettable milestone! – Abhinaya, Founder: Mystique Spaces

Abhinaya Rajendrababu is the founder of Mystique Spaces – Chennai based furniture decor firm offering a wide range of designer furniture from armchairs and coffee tables to office workstation. Abhinaya is an architect by profession who took up entrepreneurship with a dream to start something of her own.  Abhinaya shares more about her business story with WOI- Womenpreneursofindia.

Womenpreneurs of India (WOI) features Abhinaya, Founder - Mystique Spaces
Abhinaya, Founder – Mystique Spaces

We need to help each other to grow as a community. We should support each other’s dream and create opportunities for other women. Because, only powerful women can create more powerful women! We need to stop pulling each other down and understand that we can co-exist and win and also make others win!

I did my schooling in Madurai and then shifted to Chennai for college. I did my Bachelor degree in Architecture. My father is a Civil engineer and my mother is a Gynaecologist. I didn’t want to pursue medicine but my parents wanted me to. I always wanted to do something different of my parent’s profession because, I was aware about the short comings of their choices. But, pursuing Architecture was a fortunate accident. I choose this only because it didn’t have mathematics like engineering, and this was an easy escape from medicine. And, there started everything!

Mystique spaces 2During my college days itself, I knew Designing is fine but Management was my area of interest. And then, I dropped out of college due to pressure during the final years of my college. I joined hands with my school friends to start-up a Digital marketing firm. I knew managing the firm wasn’t an easy job at such an early stage of my life. We started it just as an experiment and I loved doing it. In the meantime, I went back to complete my degree, after which I was just pretty confused about what I wanted in my life!

Mystique spaces 3I joined work as a junior architect in a Private architecture firm where I realised working under somebody didn’t work for me. I was stuck wanting to do something all by myself but, I was sure it is not going to be mainstream architecture. That’s when I got a business Idea and ‘Mystique spaces’ was born.

We all need a comfort space where we can be our own self without boundaries and unapologetic about the space we own and not everyone is fortunate to express their emotions in their homes. I come with a belief that small changes and clever accessorising can make a big difference and create a look one aspires. Mystique spaces 4With my passion for design, I bring forth ideas for home décor – both outdoors and indoors. And to me personally, my comfort is too important but that does not mean I will just take in the way it comes. Something different which is comfortable is the basic one line of MS.

At ‘Mystique spaces’, we provide customised Interior decor solutions, recycled decor products and vastu solutions. Our products range from tables and clocks to office workstations. Once we started, we first sold a coffee table to a dear friend. Mystique spaces 6 It was so encouraging. I am any-day grateful for my friends and their support. Today, crossing one year of Mystique Spaces and creating over 100 products is an unforgettable milestone personally. Because, I have never been consistent and dedicated towards anything in my life before. And this is a huge thing for me and people who know me.

Honestly, surviving the pressure is the most difficult thing when starting a business. But, I had immense support from my parents, friends and family. My parents never doubted my instincts and let me go with my flow in anything I take up and that gave me huge amount of confidence and a sense of responsibility and courage!

I have a feminist father, who wants me to get up myself whenever I fall down and my mother pats on my back whenever I feel bad about any mistake and she says “its okay, we’ll try again”.  I wouldn’t be doing what I am doing today without my parent’s open minded support and utmost belief in whatever I did.Abhinaya with parents And, I am so grateful to have the most understanding special person in my life, who just doesn’t let me rest and keeps me working round the year. He has been the best thing that happened to me in this decade. These three people are my lifelines and I am not who I am without them!

Lastly, one basic thing I still struggle with is to handle personal, social and work life balance. And I don’t think that’s ever going to be sorted for any entrepreneur. The struggle is real!! Sarcasms aside, survival in this misogynistic and stereotyping work society is a big task and that needs a lot of mental strength and that’s what I am currently struggling with. I feel this society needs to change for good. At least we should break this roof for our next generation women entrepreneurs. Women of every corner of the state should know that there are other women struggling hard in every heights of the society and it is okay to come out and follow their dreams. I believe, every step forward by a woman is a stage higher for the whole lot!

– says Abhinaya.

WOI’s Note:

Thankyou Abhinaya. Your furntiure designs are really mystique! And, We do hope -together we break the roof for our next generation women and pave a beautiful path! We are glad to feature your business story on WOI. We wish you all the best for your future endeavours. Keep Inspiring!

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