If I can achieve so much, I’m sure you can too! Go on and fight!! – Bargavi, Founder : Ladooz Jewelry

Bargavi is a mompreneur and founder of ‘ Ladooz jewelry’ – an online jewelry brand. Bhargavi is professionally trained in hotel management and catering services. She is a single mom blessed with a special child. She became an entrepreneur due to her personal life diversions. She turned the lemons life threw on her into lemonade and inspires as a mompreneur.  Bargavi shares more about her business story with WOI- Womenpreneursofindia

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Bhargavi – founder of Ladooz jewelry


Whatever you do, be different – that was the advice my mom gave to me and I personally, experienced it too. We women are capable of multi tasking. Keep working towards your goal and success will hit you one day or the other!

I’m a single mother raising a special child who cannot walk and talk. I have completed my Diploma in Hotel Management and catering technology (DHMCT) and started my career with The Trident – flight catering as DCDP serving British Airways and Lufthansa. I also worked with Marry Brown, Prime Roaster, RRD, meat and eat. I am survived by my parents and my gifted child. I love cooking, gardening, rearing pets and arts and crafts.

Ladoos Jwellery logoMy life before business was really horrible. My husband left us 8 years back and my divorce/maintenance case is going on for the past 5 years; I was under tremendous pressure and depression. I even tried committing suicide twice but then made my mind to live for my daughter. I stepped out of my parents house and came to Chennai, joined my daughter in a special school. Life was very mechanical, going to school in the mornings and getting back, doing all the chores as always. That is when I thought of doing something since my daughter doesn’t sleep every day due to her health condition – she gets seizures/jerks in the nights with head banging and I have to be alert all the time. I thought to make use of all that time and wanted to start doing something from home/online. My dream was to open up a small sandwich cafe but our situation and finance was not in a good condition. Since, I was interested in arts and crafts, I consulted my family and friends about the choices I had and I ended up with jewellery making. I also wanted to have a cute name for my business, and so I named it “Ladooz jewelry” after my kid’s pet name. ladoos jwellery productsI started selling women’s fashion accessories/jewellery. My main target was women and kids but then have a small space for men’s accessories too.

I started my business with just 10 thousand rupees, with which I bought required materials and started making jewellery. My first sale was for Rs.100. It was Usha aunty – my daughter’s class teacher cum my neighbour, who was my first customer. She has been my driving force and encourages me a lot. Initially, I tried selling at my daughter’s school, fancy shops and neighbours.  The first 6 months was really difficult but I didn’t lose hope. Since my daughter was quite famous on facebook and me having many friends, I tried posting on images of my jewellery and got few of my friends to buy my jewellery. That’s when I opened up a separate page for “Ladooz Jewelry” and also created a whatsapp group which gained lots if clientele by god’s grace. Also, my ultimate goal is to sell budget friendly products reaching all classes of people. Now I’m couriering our products to almost all parts of India.

Ladoos JwelleryMy most unforgettable moment/milestone in business was with Lakshmi – owner of sai mithra trends. I came to know her through my friend. She was the one who made me to step out of my house and helped me to put up a stall in a marriage hall along with her. We shared the stall that day and Lakshmi taught me a lot and gave many leads as well, from there I started putting up stalls at halls, parks, colleges, IT parks along with maintaining an online store.

My support system is none other than my mom; she gave me 1 Lakh rupees from her savings and helped me to take ‘Ladooz Jewellery’ to next level. She is my biggest support. She even takes care of my daughter when I go for events. My friends, family and clients keep pushing and motivating me which makes me run all the time hunting for new designs.

Bhargavi with her daughter

Being a single parent of a gifted child -by aiming high, working hard, being confident and strong without losing hope. I believe I won many hearts and I am going strong. I feel really happy and good for taking up this decision of becoming an entrepreneur. Since my business is online and the competition is heavy, I still struggle is for the day to day sales. But, I’m sure it’ll be fine one day.

One thing I would like to say is – I know there are many single moms out there fighting with life and kids each and every day. All I would say is, if I with special child can achieve so much, I’m sure you can too! Go on and fight!

WOI’s Note:

Thankyou Bhargavi. You are such an inspiring mompreneur. We hope your story motivates many more single moms out here. We are very glad to feature your business story on WOI. We wish you and ‘Ladooz Jwellery’all the best for future endeavours. Keep Inspiring!

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