It took 2 months and 22 failed attempts for the perfect recipe! – Genslin, Founder : Farm to Home

Genslin Vinodh is the founder of ‘Farm To Home – A Mom’s Promise’ – Homemade Organic Food brand. Genslin is a software engineer by profession who turned to be a mom entrepreneur. Genslin is a mother of two boys managing her business from home, through a watsapp goup and a facebook page. In 1.5 years, her business has reached 8K+ potential customers. Genslin shares more about her business story with WOI- Womenpreneursofindia

WOI- womenpreneursofindia feature Genslin - founder of organic food brand
Genslin Vinodh

The only thing that’s going to stop you is you. I say go for it. The sky is your limit. Up, up and beyond you go!

I’m Genslin Vinodh, born and brought up in Kanyakumari. I am blessed with loving parents and a younger sister. I learnt all the values and morals of life from my family. My parents have given me their best of everything that I am grateful to them forever. My mom was a homepreneur and she has inspired me in all possible ways. I will say that she was a school of business from where I learnt the ethics, nuances and basics of business practically. I had an excellent schooling with high grades. I pursued my engineering degree in Electronics and Communication as an Anna university rank holder. I then got placed in HCL Technologies as software developer and moved to Chennai in 2010. I resigned my job after my marriage. Now, I’m a proud mother of 2 little boys and a mompreneur as well.

My kids kept me occupied all the time but once they started their schooling I felt some void that needed to be filled. Being a good cook who has always got appreciations, I always tried to cut down store bought foods for my family as they are loaded with preservatives and other harmful additives. I always prepare everything at home right from baby foods, health drink mixes, jams, sauces, spice powders etc. I used to make them for my friends and neighbours as well. This made me to think about starting a home based business with my own products.

When I discussed about this with my husband he just said, “Good food is the dire need of the hour and we should ensure quality and taste of each product we make. There are organic food shops in every nook and corner but we should provide something unique and healthy that is not available in such shops. I know you can do it and I’m ready to render whatever support you need to bring this up”. That was the best ever spark for me.

fth2Also, He suggested the business name ‘Farm To Home – A Mom’s Promise’ – as we use farm fresh organic ingredients and Mom’s promise for the guaranteed quality, love and care behind our products and we created a WhatsApp group and a Facebook page by the name on same day -February 5, 2018, the unforgettable day of our life!

We started with few homemade products like sprouted multigrain mix and few varieties of baby Porridges serving a very few customers. WhatsApp and Facebook were our mediums for promoting our products. Today, after 1.5 years – we are making 180+ homemade products with a daily growing happy customer base of 8000+.

Our business is all about 60+ varieties of homemade baby foods, 16+ varieties of instant health drink mixes, healthy breakfast options, 4 varieties of healthy noodles, millet based snacks, 6 varieties cookies, 10 varieties of healthy laddus, homemade mixed fruit jam, Natural Rose milk syrup with organic rose petals and beetroots to bring up the pink colour, Health supplements for diabetics, elderly people, pregnant and Lactating moms and many more! All are products are purely homemade and free from preservatives, chemicals, additives, Maida, white sugar, refined salt and refined oil.

fth1Building a new brand from ground up is tough. Laying the foundation of success needs a lot of planning, commitment and hard work. Initial days of our business were really tough. The most difficult challenges we faced was deriving the perfect recipes for each and every product we make. It’s all self learnt from lot of trial and error. Once, our customers asked us a healthy replacement for Rose milk syrup without any artificial flavours and colours. We came up with Rose Beet Syrup made using organic paneer rose petals for aroma and Beetroots for bringing up the natural pink colour. It took us almost 2 months to finalize the ratio and quantity of ingredients to use. I remember it was the 23rd time when I tried I got the perfect recipe! I was jumping out of joy and realised hard work never fails after 22 failed attempts! Then we launched this Rose beet syrup once we were pretty confident about the taste and quality and today we have sold off 5000+ bottles of rose beet syrup in just 1 year!

fth3Same applies to all our other products which we make. Being a perfectionist, I always put all my heart and soul into any product we make. I make sure we never draw any negative reviews from customers. In our first year, I have had lot of sleepless nights and if at all I had slept it would be hardly 3 or 4 hours of continuous sleep.

 Marketing our products and handling customer queries took almost 10 hours of my day while preparation and packing took another 10 hours and I hardly got time to sleep. Also, we had few competitors offering more or less the same product and service. But what makes our brand different? How do we do things differently? What makes us special? These are the tough questions that we had to ask ourselves from the start and that we may have to keep asking ourselves as we encounter competition throughout.

Our first sale was to My Kid’s play school Principal Subha Mam. She is the one who trusted us and supported us by purchasing our products. Ever since, she has been very lucky for us and she always keeps on telling that you will reach greater heights for all the efforts you put and that has become true today.

fth4There are lots and lots of unforgettable moments in our business. We get absolutely delighted when little kids send voice notes and videos in WhatsApp saying that they loved our food and parents telling us that their kids have become healthier with our products.

One particular incident was, when a mom dialled me up out of agony that her son was fighting against cancer and post chemotherapy he throws up whatever food he had. She was crying helplessly and she wanted to try our products to check whether it works for him. We discussed his food chart and I suggested trying few of our products and by God’s grace, it suited him well and he did not throw it up! He slowly started getting back to normal and the mom was too happy that she sent me a gift thanking us for providing such healthy foods and for the timely support. It was a surprise and tear filled moment when we realized that we are touching many lives with our quality food products in a positive way.

My husband is my support system. Whatever I am today, I owe it to him and he is the reason behind me being successful and happy. I can say, that there’s a Man behind every successful woman. And, special thanks to my father and younger sister Remi, for always supporting me. Also, I would like to mention about Mrs.Sangeetha Arunachalam and her brand Kadaiveedhi – Mompreneur expo has brought us a large number of permanent customers. I would like to convey her very special thanks for everything she has done as a well wisher for me at this moment.

fth5The most important lesson I have learnt is, when you offer products with exceptional quality, the customers will be coming back. Also customer handling is equally important for a successful business. For us, Customer service and Customer satisfaction is our top priority. In these 1.5 years of Farm to Home,  I have never left even a single customer query unanswered. Whatever tight schedule we have I make sure that I have responded to all the customer queries for that day because we treat each and every customer as our own family members.

FARM To HOME – A Mom’s Promise – didn’t begin with the aim of expanding or building a company or even moving it out of my own kitchen. But, gradually things changed and from then I found myself navigating new spaces, growing in ways I hadn’t imagined or foreseen. I’m very proud to say that I’m a successful Entrepreneur who has now started giving job opportunities for few single mothers in our locality who are struggling to take care of their kids. After all these success the only thing that haunts me from deep within is the thought that I’m not spending quality time with my kids. But, I strongly believe that investing in myself and doing something to enhance my self-worth will in turn teach my kids to strive for something better, stand up for themselves.

Lastly, Thanks to WOI for this opportunity. I wanted to share my success story here as I thought it would be an inspiration for many aspiring women out there who wants to start their own venture. ‘Believe in Yourself, Hold your head high and the sky is your limit!’ -That’s the advice I would like to leave with.

-says Genslin.

WOI’s Note:

Thankyou Genslin. You are an inspiring mom entrepreneur providing value to your customers through your healthy products. We hope your story motivates mothers to start working on their own dreams beyond their limitations. We are very glad to feature your business story on WOI. We wish you all the best for future endeavours. Keep Inspiring!

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    This is truly an inspiration for me and many others like me. Keep growing.


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    Healthy products


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