31 Inspiring business stories of Indian women entrepreneurs, you need to read before 2020!

As twenty nineteen ends, WOI is grateful for the year as we feel proud to have worked with 31 inspiring Indian women entrepreneurs from various genres.

In India, as per recent researches, surveys, studies and our own experience on working closely with women entrepreneurs, it is sure that our nation has a large number of women with entrepreneurial dreams to ‘do something of their own’!

Beyond educational, personal, financial, societal and other constraints a lot of Indian women have gone beyond their limitations to set up a place for themselves in the entrepreneurial world. Women in India have to face a lot of struggle to set up a space for themselves in the entrepreneurial world.

Though the stories, educational qualifications, family and financial backgrounds of each woman entrepreneur may vary, one thing all of them have in common is their grit to be what they are today!

As we look back into 2019, WOI finds immense pleasure to have grown up into a community to Inspire, motivate and support women with entrepreneurial dreams. And, we are glad to have worked with the following 31 inspiring women entrepreneurs this 2019!

woi 2019

1. “Blogging space in India is rich and diverse with potential. But a lot of it isn’t channelized properly”

– Shailaja Vishwanath, Blogging & Social Media consultant.

2. “I co-founded my first startup at 24 and my first sale was to the CEO of a national television channel”

– Pooja Goyal, Social media Professional/Entrepreneur

3. “Working in MNCs & MBA from Yale has nothing in common with my business”

– Anuradha, Founder of Bumpadum cloth Diapers

4. “I remember working the same day I delivered my daughter; Passion gave me strength”

– Saritha Devpunje, Founder of Magneton Technologies

5. “My clients were ridiculed for seeking my service and I’ve been questioned about my charges!”

– Swati Jagadish, Lactation Counselor

6. “Don’t wait for kids to grow and all lights to turn green! Because, that will never happen”

– Shruti, Founder of a stylish Nursing wear brand : O’HappySunshine

7. “From just 18 orders/shipment per month, it turned to 50 dispatch per week!”

-Reena, founder of Handloom clothing brand ‘Hastavem’

8. “They asked me how much should they pay, I had no idea!”

– Krithika, Founder of Kaya shastra : A natural body care products brand

9. “From ‘Why business?’ to ‘Do it & I will support you’ !”

– Naveena Karthika, Clothing Designer/Founder – ‘Medley of Sarees’

10. “We were glued to our laptops, waiting for our first sale to happen on Amazon!”

– Shauravi & Meghana, Founders of Slurrp farm : An Indian food & snack brand

11. “Without those encouraging words, Aarika would have never been here”

– Bharathi, Owner of Aarika Fashions : Online apparel store

12. “I realised the potential of this business & asked my best friend to work on this with me”

– Shilpi Sharma, Co-Founder of Indie Project store

13. “I still have a really long way to go and become a successful photographer”

– Madhumitha, Photographer & Founder Madhusharan Photography

14. “I am Aditi, 23 years old, Down syndrome Woman Entrepreneur!”

– Aditi Verma, owner at Aditi’s Corner

15. “I reached 3000 customers in 10 Months”

– Salma, Founder of OrgaBlends personal care products

16. “I was happy to hear – ‘Will you help me with my living room?”

– Rittika, Founder & Interior designer at Ariyona Interiors

17. “I feel motivated when he says, “Mom, you make me feel proud!”

– Swapnaa Reddy, Celebrity Stylist & Founder of SWAADH -Clothing Brand

18. “To be a better mom or to be a successful mompreneur?”

– Amala, Founder of KIDZBUY- Books for kids India

19. “It is a hobby turned into business!”

– Saranya, Founder of Tasharts: an online crochet store

20.“We are India’s first to bring adjustable elastic head band for girls!”

– Anshu, owner at Mini Mods

21. “This start-up is the reason I could deal with my post pregnancy depression”

– shravya, Owner at Little Souls wardrobe

22. “It’s hard to convince top schools about the idea of learning through stories!”

– Priya, storyteller & founder of Kathapriya

23. “Most important thing in business is, product acceptability by customers!”

-Swathi, Founder – A Toddler Thing

24. “It took days of research, brainstorming, sleepless nights & hard work!”

– Atreyi, Founder – MyVerduraCare.com

25. “I entered my business when it was in a deep hole!”

– Himani, Executive Director,The Royal Residency

26. “Creative businesses are flourishing in India and ours is the best example!”

– Kalpana, Founder – Pellipolajada & DecorbyKrishna

27. “Designing over 100 products in a year is an unforgettable milestone!”

– Abhinaya, Founder: Mystique Spaces

28. “Jump into the sea, you will learn swimming yourself!”

– Manasa, Founder – MudraMagik

29. “If I can achieve so much, I’m sure you can too! Go on and fight!!”

– Bargavi, Founder : Ladooz Jewelry

30. “I clicked so many pictures of those 50 packed orders!”

– Akshaya, Founder : Happy Pique

31. “It took 2 months and 22 failed attempts for the perfect recipe!”

– Genslin, Founder : Farm to Home

These women entrepreneurs have proven to be successful beyond the constraints they had to face. It is also evident that, whatever their struggles maybe  “women are capable of doing something of their own!”

We hope our year end features review motivates you to pursue your entrepreneurial dreams as we step into 2020! WOI wishes you all a very happy & successful new year ahead!

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