8 years back, It was difficult to sell my idea of ‘educating pregnant women’! – Anupama, Founder : Vriksham

Anupama Kumar VijayAnand is the founder of Vriksham  – a childbirth education centre in Tirupur, offering pregnancy classes for couples. Anupama is a software engineer by profession who quit her job to become a child birth educator.  She is a mom entrepreneur, with 7+ years of experience in training 10,000+ pregnant mothers. Today, she is also an instagram influencer sharing her opinion on pregnancy and parenting along with her everyday titbits that her followers find to be useful. Anupama shares more about her business story with WOI- Womenpreneursofindia

womenpreneursofindia WOI feature Anupama - Founder of Vriksham
Anupama – Founder of Vriksham

For me, every student was my brand ambassador! I feel in any business, if you really want to reach out treat every customer well. Word of mouth is the best advertising, I would say.

WOI- Womenpreneursofindia feature anupama founderof vrikshamI am a mother of a 10 year old boy. My dad, brother and my husband are my pillars of support. I was born and brought up in a huge family of almost 100+members. I believe the values I learnt from my family members is my strength now.

I started my career as a software engineer, the experience I had in my own pregnancy and the difficulties I faced then, motivated me create “VRIKSHAM” -classes to empower women during pre pregnancy, pregnancy and post pregnancy. I relocated from Chennai and moved into our in-laws place in Tirupur and went about to do 8+courses to teach at Vriksham.
WOI- Womenpreneursofindia feature anupama founderof vrikshamWhen I started, the difficult part was to sell the idea! By that time, people did not understand why someone had to go for a class to learn more about pregnancy, labor or breastfeeding. They felt the knowledge from elders in the family on the same was more than enough to keep going. My first batch in Tirupur had only three moms.

I learnt that one should never give up even when the tide is high. Positive thinking has been my only mantra! From 3 students a month in the start, over the span of 8 years we have grown. I now take classes for 450 students a month single handedly!

WOI- Womenpreneursofindia feature anupama founderof vrikshamOnce, my student came to see me after her delivery along with her mother, her mother thrust the baby in my hands and said to me “This is your baby”! I was reborn as a mother at that moment, which I consider as my biggest achievement!

From someone who quit a software career to look after her son, still sitting in a small town, in her house, she could successfully sell an idea that seems absurd to people 8 years back and now to be recognized as a social media influencer everywhere she goes! – I pat my own shoulders! But, one thing that I still struggle is to manage phone calls and answer mails.

anupama (9)Most of my regular classes and online classes are done at my home in Tirupur, my husband and my mother in law has been my every day support system. My husband always has my back and my amma (mil) takes care of everything in the house so that, I can take my classes peacefully without worrying about everyday affairs at home.

To all the women out there, I would say – 1. Build a strong support system at home by living in harmony with everyone there, so that you can work with peace of mind. 2. Ignore people who try to pull you down. 3. Be perseverant and never let go 4. Be humble!

-says Anupama.

WOI’s Note:

Thankyou Anupama. Your service is commendable. It has brought a positive impact in lives of various mothers whose reviews you share on your Instagram is an evidence. We are very glad to feature your business story on WOI. We wish you all the best for future endeavours. Keep Inspiring!

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