What motivates women to take up Entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship is a key to economic development in many countries across the globe. Women entrepreneurs have always been there and shaped the economy in an unpredictable way. Fortunately, Female Entrepreneurship has attracted increasing attention in recent years especially in India.

We also dedicate this post as a big shout to all the female entrepreneurs! Believe in yourself, work hard, chase your dreams because, not everyone has the drive to be an entrepreneur. But, you chose to be!


What motivates a woman to become an entrepreneur? Is it a drive from within that motivates them? Or is it their own destiny to achieve their success? To be simple,  we believe women are motivated by various reasons to step into entrepreneur wold. Here is the list of major 6 factors we believe that motivates women to take up Entrepreneurship-

1. To Work on something they love:

Entrepreneurship gives a lot of women the freedom to work on what they love to do. There are women who are into entrepreneurship to start something with what they love to do. From cooking, and crafting to coding and coaching! There is no pressure to do something that they are not comfortable with. A lot of women find their true calling and prefer to focus on their passion over profession and successfully turn it into a profitable business!

2. Breaking Stereotypes:

In the past, there have been numerous stereotypes associated with women that have limited them to stay at home and play an inferior role despite  their career goals & dreams. However, women have significantly fought against those stereotypes and they have broken their glass ceilings and have flown with their beautiful colors(courage and success). They no longer stick to the gender type roles that were defined by the society.

3. Push and Pull Factors:

There are so many push and pull factors that  drive women to step into Entrepreneurship.

Push factors include pushing women to earn for their living. They are in a situation where they have no other choice, but to earn. In such situations, women take up micro & home businesses targeting their closer circles as their customers, just to support their family’s economy.

Pull factors are something that attracts women towards the world of business. Their desire to ideate, lead, bring a change, gain recognition, respect, social status, their vision, to have economic independence and other such things motivate a lot of women to startup.

4. Zero Gender gap:

The assignment of different roles in any organization based on gender have been an important factor for most women to take up Entrepreneurship over a Job. Lower management roles to women has been a reason for a lot of women to quit their jobs to start up on their own. However, women have been winning  the race against gender to grab equal opportunities from time to time by facing challenges and struggles. And, lack of recognition based on gender discrimination has been worrying a lot of women to continue facing challenges to win the race in their career.

5. Jobs that are not so welcoming:

Across various fields, major organisations and their jobs have not been so welcoming for women employees. From hiring women after a career break, offering remote working opportunities to allowing flexible working hours and equal pay – there are various constraints that stop a woman from getting into or getting back into her job despite being skilled. However, these reasons have been major motivating factors for a lot of educated women to take up entrepreneurship over jobs.

6. Role Models:

Most entrepreneurs get inspired by successful people who become role models. These inspiration figures could be a family member or a famous entrepreneur who has been successful. With successful business women like Indra Nooyi, Kiran Shaw and many others across the globe, their journeys have always been major influencing factors that motivate young women to set their foot in the business world.

All women entrepreneurs have their own respective reasons for starting their businesses. Great entrepreneurs are motivated by a desire to change the world. If you are someone who is good at what you do, then you will be able to make money. But it’s equally important to give back and bring a change in the world. Remember your vision and your goal is more important than the money you earn – That is what will motivate you to constantly be successful! 

For women who wish to set up their own enterprise, define Success in your own terms, and achieve it by your own rules. And understand that success is in your hands and with full dedication you can become a kick ass entrepreneur too, despite your reasons and constraints!

What motivated you to step into business? Share it with us in comments –  we would like to hear 🙂

Written by: 

Iswarya.S.J – Content writer Intern at WOI – womenpreneursofindia.com

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