10 tips to become a successful entrepreneur

Is there a “Secret Sauce” for succeeding as an entrepreneur? There is nothing specific that creates success. So, what is it that makes some entrepreneurs successful and some of them successful over and over again? Now you could guess there is something unique in these “serial entrepreneurs” who have or know that brings them repeated success. To stay at top in their business game, entrepreneurs need to be diligent when it comes to self-improvement.

Let’s quickly check out the 10 important things that you need to know to become a successful entrepreneur.

1. Be Unique

You must be different from the rest of the world, if you want to become a successful entrepreneur. It means you will need to see the world with different eyes from everyone else. You will need to find opportunities where everyone else sees problems. Your company will be unique based on the degree of how unique you are.

2. Know when to break your rules

Rules are made to be broken – isn’t it? And the best entrepreneurs are those who know the rules and also break them. Look at your business policies or initial rules that you had set up, it might need some rework.  So only by breaking your rules and adapting to changes, you can evolve with new inventions and innovations.

3. Work smarter, not harder

Many people think that being an entrepreneur is someone who works for 10 hours a day or even more, by breathing her business even while sleeping. Of course, hard work is key to success but it takes grit after all. Overworking leads to fatigue, which leads to errors. Not everyone has the skill to do everything. So, you have to learn to do things smarter, not harder and it’s a mindset that will take some time to get used to it and become successful. Hire people if needed, take help from peers, collaborate with like minded people if you are hard on yourself.

4. Dream  Dream Dream – nothing is impossible

Each great idea can change the world. If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, you will have to dream on how you will change the world when you become a successful entrepreneur. Also, start with an action plan to make your dreams a reality. Dreams remain to be dreams if you don’t work on them.

5. Learn when to quit and when to stick

It doesn’t take entrepreneurs long to develop a sort of sixth sense, about when it’s time to stick with something and when it’s time to cut their losses. It’s a delicate balance to find out but, getting it right will save you a lot of time and lets you prioritize your work better.

 6. Fear of failure – Embrace it

Don’t be afraid of failing because you may have to first fail to be successful. Working smart, finding right people to get the work done and doing with less are all keys to being a successful entrepreneur.  Sometimes the concept just wasn’t right or the competition was tougher than anticipated. Oftentimes, completely unforeseeable situations occur, running your momentum. You have to be prepared to fail, but more importantly, not be afraid of failing. Every time you fail, you learn something.

7. Improve  your  people skills to Understand people

Developing your communication skills and learning how to read people, it will pay off in your personal life as well as in your professional life. Many entrepreneurs act themselves as managers, and when you are managing people, you need to have top-notch people skills and to lead by example.

8. Set SMART business plans

Set up a business plan that will pay a way to success. And, when you set up a business goal, Check if they are “SMART” (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time limited). And don’t lie to yourself with your business plan, make it as real as possible. Sometimes you cannot make all predictions, analysis and calculations in your business plan. If you need help do not hesitate to ask for help. And ensure that your business plan has incorporated the answers from your potential customers.

9. Learn to live within Budget

Entrepreneurial life isn’t always easy, and sometimes money and resources may be a constraint. If you  have your financial discipline in place and learn to live within your means, it’ll hold you in good stead when time gets tough. It will also  help you out in budgeting and finance skills.

10. Wake up with a purpose everyday

Many successful entrepreneurs woke up every day working hard until they made it happen. They pushed through even in their difficult times. And believe in yourself “whether you think you can, or think you can’t, you’re right”. Believe that you can succeed, you will find ways through different obstacles. If you don’t, you will find excuses.

These 10 things will help you to make things work in your favor. But, You need to believe in you! Start off with setting up a realistic goal, make an action plan and believe that you will make it happen. Keep going and definitely your work will pay off!

Do you have a tip? Share it in comments 🙂

Written by: 

Iswarya.S.J – Content writer Intern at WOI – womenpreneursofindia.com

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