Ruckmani – Founder of Sukham Handmade #MadeinIndiaforWorld

Ruckmani Ananthanarayanan is a mompreneur and founder of Sukham Handmade – an online brand that deals with skin care products. Ruckmani opens up with WOI- about her entrepreneurial journey. 


I am a mother of 3 boys. With an education in commerce background, I was  with my Husband and Father in law, into our family business of Packing materials, prior to my business – Sukham Handmade. Having been brought up in Tirunelveli, marriage life brought me to Pondicherry.

As a mom, I explored cloth diapering for my kids. I happened to meet like minded people and slowly started to use sustainable products. When I came to know about the harmful chemical presence in baby skin care products, I developed an interest to learn the art of soap making and used the handmade soaps made by me for my babies. Slowly, even my friends were kind enough to try my products and they spread the word on my products, and that is how my business baby “Sukham Handmade” was born.

Sukham handmade is all about bringing age old recipes with a twist of convenience and purely natural for selfcare. As a matter of policy, I don’t use chemicals and preservatives to extend the shelf life. Rather, I make my products in small batches to ensure its freshness. And most importantly, my products are free of plastic packaging too, so that our planet is also safe.

To build Sukham it was not an easy job for me. Time was really a constraint for me. With twin boys and an elder son, my hands were and are always full. But, the inquisitiveness to learn made me try new combinations and results. Customer satisfactions shared right in front of my eyes, kicked off all the hiccups that I had gone through. This is what motivates me and takes me each and every day, with a zeal.

I still remember my first customer Shakira Zia, who trusted me for the porridge mix that I make for babies and kids. I Started with the old school practice of noting down the orders in a notebook, that first note is always my precious and stays in my safe locker till today.

I am also blessed with so many unforgettable moments and milestones in my entrepreneurial journey. A mom, who was relieved when her baby’s Eczema was sorted with my baby products, There are so many mommies who share their satisfaction about our mosquito repellent cream, A Daughter shared her satisfaction on her dad’s extreme dry skin problem being sorted out, A sister’s tears of joy for the skin allergy getting attended and many more customer experiences like this have been my driving force.

But above all, I can’t miss to thank each and every one who says that they look upon me as their inspiration, for doing these safe products in spite of having a busy schedule with little boys around. The pleasure of knowing that so many people love these products and their satisfaction is a big milestone that I touch every day.

Talking about my support system,, I am also blessed to have such a supportive family. Especially my twins though they are too young to understand but my elder son always feels the happiness whenever I share a happy review with him. My parents and parents in law – from the very beginning and every now and then they motivate me saying that this will be a turning point in my life and will be my identity forever. My husband, who shares the journey of parenthood and makes sure that I chase my passion. My friends, who equally share the joy of every single success of mine. And above all – All mothers who invested their trust on my products. If not for their warmth, love and support I wouldn’t have come this far. 

I know that there is still a long way to go, but I dedicate this moment of pride and contentment to all of my dear ones as mentioned above. And of course, the lord almighty for his showering his abundant blessings on me. I sleep every night with a big sigh of responsibility and satisfaction. This is what keeps me going every single day and every single minute in my entrepreneurial life.

I have learnt so many lessons in my entrepreneurial journey. Remember, every day is not going to be a rosy day. It depends on how you tackle and accept the negative feedback and responses. That is what shapes you in this journey. It’s ok that some may not like your brand/ products. But as long as you are sure about your product/ formulation and ethics, just march forward and go ahead. To all my fellow friends who are into this journey of entrepreneurship remember, if your passion conquers you like a wildfire, don’t stop. Treat your venture like your baby. Rest will be a history!

As an entrepreneur, I feel so empowered and more responsible with each and every day passing by. It is too early to call it as a successful journey, considering the goals I have set for myself. But my life has changed very much with Sukham Handmade. The journey of plastic free packing hasn’t been easy. The cost comparison of a non-plastic packing is not at par with a plastic one and with this the margin also comes down. Not to miss the breakages in transit and the replacement costs. When someone compares the cost after all these, it really pinches. After all, the environment is every one’s responsibility!

And at last I would like to add a few things here for everyone. Support local brands, especially those that are into sustainable practices. This planet belongs to all and we owe to give a better planet to the coming generations. As little as possible, cut plastics and choose the sustainable ways. One day and one step a time, will definitely make the magic! Trust me!

-Says Ruckmani.

This post is a part of our #MadeinIndiaforWorld campaign powered by MyVerduraCare.

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  1. Soundravalli says:

    Very good. Naration best wishes


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