The eBook ‘Life during COVID-19’, is an anthology of 60 powerful & emotional stories – Antara, Founder of ‘Antara Pandit Official’

Antara Pandit is a mom and a passionate writer at ‘Antara Pandit Official’. With eight years of experience working in the IT Services and Agricultural industries, she turned to become a Writer Entrepreneur. Antara shares more about her journey with WOI –

Antara Pandit

I would urge every woman entrepreneur out there to truly explore what their Ikigai (purpose) is, because that is when you achieve true happiness.

I moved back from the US in 2006 and I dove straight into the work-force, in the IT sector. After a few years, I started work with my family business, where I managed the Drip Irrigation and Import/Export business. I always knew that I was yet to find my Ikigai (purpose in life). I realized my true calling, only when my elder son Dev was born in 2014, and that’s when my writing career took off. I have always had an innate passion for writing; my first article was published in my school magazine and later in a newspaper when I was 12-years-old. 

I launched The Bubbly Blogcast (now Antara Pandit Official) in 2016, with an aim to push parents globally out of their comfort zone, and share their stories. I also launched ‘Teens Talk’ in 2019, to encourage kids of all ages to voice their thoughts and opinions on issues important to them, promote self-expression, and nurture their passion for writing. I whole-heartedly believe that children should be heard, and that it is pivotal, to provide our leaders of tomorrow with a public platform to voice their thoughts with confidence. 

Antara Pandit Official has now grown into a platform of 13000+ readers, through which I write about parenting and education, among other topics. Being able to acknowledge what I was feeling, and putting those thoughts down on paper, has always been a cathartic process for me. I then realized that parenting is a universal language, and other mothers out there would also be traveling down in a similar path like me. 

Sharing about milestones, I still remember that one single moment that reinforced what I was born to do. I used to write for multiple print publications in Chennai. Last year, one of the readers sent in feedback to the editor of one of magazines saying that my articles were really helping her as a single mother. This immediately tugged at my heartstrings, because I believe that there is no other higher purpose than helping those who really need support. 

As an aspiring author, I compiled and launched ‘Life during COVID-19’, an anthology of 60 powerful and emotional narratives. These are experiences from ordinary people (front line workers, parents, educators, entrepreneurs, social workers, etc.) on their journey and their stories from this unprecedented time. The eBook is available for purchase on Amazon worldwide. Sharing experiences and stories, connect people with a common thread – and that is one of strength and courage. There is nothing more cathartic in this world than digging deep down and acknowledging your own thoughts, and knowing that there is someone out there who is being inspired by the example you have set!

I am also blessed with a supportive and a caring family. My two boys who are 6 and 3 years old, are the most understanding kids for their age. Yes, they also  have their “Mama stop working and look at me” moments. But it makes them happy to see a smile on my face when I work. My husband, mother-in-law and parents are my angels, they are always encouraging me to do more despite my role, as a parent taking a backseat sometimes.

An integral part of my life is volunteer work that I do with the NGO & Kindness movement – The Kindness Foundation. The Foundation targets the personal growth of adults and children from all walks of life, and brings about social change by addressing kindness and empathy. It aims to equip individuals with everything they need to not just live, but to also create a culture of kindness and thereby thrive as a species.

I truly believe that every single person was put on earth with a pre-defined purpose. Some of us realize this very early in our life, and some of us later. Our journeys are all very different. But it is important to try with all your might to find out what your purpose (Ikigai) is. I consider myself lucky, for my passion having turned into a profession. 

The most challenging thing in this writing industry is, you will always need to keep the momentum flowing. As a parent, trying to find the time to write every day is a challenge!

A few lessons I have learned in my writing journey so far are:

  1. If you are a writer, you need to be able to find your voice.
  2. When it comes to writing non-fiction and especially about your own life, you need to be comfortable with revealing the most raw and vulnerable sides of you.
  3. For writing to be effective, it needs to be honest!
  4. Encourage people to open up and share their experiences, because when they acknowledge their own stories, they are giving others the strength to do the same. It is just a ripple effect.
  5. Get personal, and don’t look at what others think. Bare your heart and soul to the world, through writing. It will be a bit of a challenge in the beginning. But once you start realizing that your writing is helping improve others lives, it gets much easier.

-says Antara

WOI’s Note:

Thankyou Antara. We are very glad to feature your journey on WOI. We believe your story inspires other writer entrepreneurs to grow! We wish you all the best for future endeavors. Keep Inspiring!

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