Aishwarya– Founder of ‘The Chymera Company’ #MadeinIndiaforWorld

Aishwarya Prashanth is the founder of ‘The Chymera Company‘– An online store, for all designer and budget friendly wedding/favour/gift bags. She started Chymera, being a sustainability lover. She is an engineer who turned to become an entrepreneur. Aishwarya shares about her journey with


I am Aishwarya Prashanth, I was born in Erode,Tamilnadu. I was brought up in various towns and cities in Andhra Pradesh and Tamilnadu, due to the nature of my father’s job. I am lucky to be exposed to a variety of cultures and people. I graduated from SRM University, Chennai and I started my career as an Associate Engineer at Bosch, Coimbatore for 2 years.

I had always been keen on keeping the environment clean, being sustainable and using eco-friendly alternatives right from my childhood. It had always been at the back of my head, to build my career on this path. I resigned my job to move to Salem, after marriage. I worked on my idea for about 1.5 long years through day and night, gathering expertise, building my skills, travelling and studying the market. It has been tough and challenging, yet a very satisfying journey! And that’s how ‘The Chymera Company’ was born! 

My first client was from Chennai. She wanted a diaper bag/handbag for her little girl. I designed a cute little sleeping girl on our eco-friendly jute tote bag! This was her feedback ” This is my first order for my newborn and I’m loving it. It’s so cute. Thanks Aishwarya. You are doing a lovely job. All the best for your future.” 

The best thing about customized orders is that, it ‘s just not any other bag that they purchase, it connects with their emotions! My brand is the reflection of my clients. Every happy client of mine, adds up to my brand value! Trust me, when I say “happy client” I really worked hard for it. I would say, If you are an entrepreneur you have to be proactive, consistent and keep up promises. Once you master all this, your brand value automatically builds up!

I was recognized by BNI Salem chapter as a ‘Women Entrepreneur 2019’. It was not just about the award, but I also got to meet many other wonderful women entrepreneurs, I was thrilled to learn new things from them.

Like it’s said ” Behind every successful woman, there is a family who trusted her” I can’t agree more! My husband, my parents, my in-laws and the newest addition, my son are my biggest support. MY 10 months old munchkin has given me all the more energy and purpose to carry my dream company to the next level!

My biggest challenge is to reach the global audience to promote indigenous Indian art forms to a wider audience rather than a niche market. I would like to thank  WOI  for giving us exposure and opportunity to share our story and hope you continue to inspire more women!

Lastly, I would advise the upcoming women entrepreneurs to
Focus! Focus! Focus!
“It’s not uncommon to lose focus while you strive to strike a balance between your business and home, but what ultimately matters is your ability to bounce back and stay focused on achieving your goal.”

1. Keep your promises. Deliver what you promised.
2. Never compromise on quality
3. Having one happy client builds your brand, rather than having hundred unsatisfied clients.

-Says Aishwarya.

This post is a part of our #MadeinIndiaforWorld campaign powered by MyVerduraCare.

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