I started up as a guilty new mom but I’m a proud and successful entrepreneur today! – Haritha, Founder of ‘Mumma’s Label’

Haritha is a mompreneur and founder of ‘Mumma’s label’ – a brand selling customized maternity & feeding dresses. Haritha is an engineer turned entrepreneur because of her personal life experience as a pregnant woman. She shares more about her journey of turning an entrepreneur and about her venture with WOI – womenpreneursofindia.com

Haritha – Founder, Mumma’s Label

Each person has an unique talent. Find your hidden talent and follow your dreams. It’s not a cake walk at the beginning but you can achieve one day. Stay motivated! The world is all yours!

I’m a b.tech graduate and I worked for a multi national bank as a Financial crime analyst. Before starting my business, my life was all about my family, my job and household chores. When I was pregnant I was not at all comfortable traveling to my office which was 30 kms to and fro. There were days, I spent 3-4 hrs in the traffic during my pregnancy. I wanted to wear soft and comfortable clothes. 

During the initial days of pregnancy, I was advised to be on bed rest as my baby was low lying placenta. While I was resting at home, all that I had in my mind was to buy comfortable pregnancy clothing suitable for the office. As I couldn’t step out,  I started searching online for maternity wear and I couldn’t find any with no better options available then. So, I took my mom’s help to get my dress stitched based on my preferences – cotton, comfortable fit to accommodate my growing belly in the coming months, full length maxi. I asked her to design it with  extra margin inside so that I can use it  in the coming months. I got my comfortable dress with my desired specifications being fulfilled. With my personal experience, the idea of starting my own Label popped up!

Initially, It was very difficult when I  started ‘Mumma’s Label’. I had no idea what a business means. I was clueless about where to source the best fabric and how to hire and build my team. However, I started by designing 2 different models of maternity and feeding dresses. I got a lot of queries on the availability and price. But, none turned up to purchase. I was not sure where I went wrong. So, I reached each one of them to seek their feedback and understood that they found it to be expensive. I remember I was working on solving this issue during my 28th week of gestation. 

I myself worked to cut the expenses and decided not to compromise on the quality. On Jan 6th, I got my first order but sold it at a loss of rupees 250!

However, I’m still happy about  my first order. I sold it at a loss because my first motto was to build brand awareness and trust. And, yes- I succeeded in it! Though I started with one customer at a loss, my first customer Sireesha (I still remember her name!) was satisfied with my product and she placed her next order as well!

I have changed the way I design my clothes each time I receive feedback from my customers. I’m always open for feedback, be it a positive or a negative. In my initial days, few of my customers reached to me with a concern about our zip size which helped me in improving our product. I worked on the feedback and provided a comfortable zipper and never received that feedback again. I took it as a lesson and understood the importance of customer feedback. I believe each customer has the right to ask for what they are looking for and I have always been open for customization and if the idea sounds good I have implemented it for the other dresses that I design.

It always makes me happy when my customers reach out to me after their purchase to share their  wonderful review. It also motivates me to do my best. I can’t forget about designing for ‘Nisha Ganesh’ madam as the review by her had totally changed Mumma’s Label’s reach!

Initially when I shared my business idea, the only person who was excited was my husband! My parents were not ok with my idea as I was pregnant then and they did not want me to take the stress at that time. So, my only support system from the beginning was my husband. Then, I convinced my mother and now she is a great support to me! 

Initial days were really hard. Since, after my delivery I had to step out for various business reasons leaving my newborn at home. I remember rushing out to work and running back to home between feeds. There were days, I came back to a hungry crying baby which made me feel guilty. I also had to quit my job due to pregnancy complications and due to unavailability of leaves from the organisation I worked. But, I am glad when I realise my hard work has helped mothers like me to be comfortably dressed. Every positive feedback and review I received from my customers has made me feel better and motivated to me to keep going! After all these, I proudly call myself a happy and successful entrepreneur.

-says Haritha

WOI’s Note:

Thankyou Haritha. We are very glad to feature your journey on WOI. We believe your story inspires many other women like you. We wish you all the best for future endeavors. Keep Inspiring!

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