WOI – womenpreneursofindia.com is an online community for Indian women entrepreneurs. WOI is a digital platform, exclusively working for the development and welfare of Indian women who start businesses of their own! We are a growing community with thousands of women following us across various platforms.

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And, we believe in“Together, We Grow!”

Many Indian women dream to become an entrepreneur to start something of their own,  despite their backgrounds. Most of them have to overcome their personal, professional, economical & social barriers to start and sustain in business world! And, We are growing to be a digital friend, these women can rely on for inspiration, motivation & support.



Currently, we make it all happen through our content – We interview & feature inspiring business stories of Women Entrepreneurs of various genres from India – who turned out their ideas into a profitable businesses. And, we share motivational business content, tips, engaging online activities, sessions for women business owners to grow and sustain in the entrepreneurial world, while inspiring many more women to start something of their own. check out our daily dose of useful business content here


So far, we have worked with 50+ women entrepreneurs managing businesses of their own from various genre – Check their inspiring business stories here