#MadeInIndiaForWorld Campaign

20200725_171439_0000.pngWomenenpreneursofindia.com joined hands with MyVerduraCare.com in order to support and promote local Indian mirco brands and womenpreneurs into the PAN India and global market. Through this campaign the brand stories of these local micro brands that are managed by Indian women shall be showcased to not only across India but also to International audiences.

Who we are?

Womenpreneursofindia.com is an online community for Indian women entrepreneurs. WOI is a digital platform, exclusively working for the development and welfare of Indian women who start businesses of their own! We are a growing community with thousands of women following us across platforms. We interview & feature inspiring business stories of Women Entrepreneurs of various genres from India – who turned out their ideas into profitable businesses. And, we share motivational business content, tips, engaging online activities, sessions for women business owners to grow and sustain in the entrepreneurial world, while inspiring many more women to start something of their own. we have worked with 50+ women entrepreneurs managing businesses of their own from various genre – Check their inspiring business stories here

MyVerduraCare.com is a multi-award-winning online platform for curated premium eco-friendly, sustainable, handmade, and artisanal products. ‘Verdura’ literally means greenery. Through this name our brand evokes our core values of promoting eco-friendliness, sustainability, and renewability. We are an Indian company with a global operation and caters to a strong customer base in India, Qatar, UAE, Kuwait, USA, UK. MyVerduraCare is recognized by the MSME Chamber of Commerce & Industry of India Greentech Asia for our consistent efforts in shaping a greener environment for our world. Our relentless efforts earned us the title of “Most Socially Responsible Company of the Year 2020” and “Green India Clean Indian Initiative of the Year”. That is not all. After being founded for a year, MyVerduraCare immediately gained trust from our customers and stakeholders and earned ourselves “Winner of Top Start-Up Companies” and “Winner of MADcon Top 100 Companies Globally” for quality excellence in 2019. We believe in not only protecting our beautiful planet but also empowering our community, local and small businesses. Almost 90% of the products by MyVerduraCare are the crafts of women’s ideas. We want to support women in achieving their goals and to encourage them to involve themselves in entrepreneurship. Every now and then, we collaborate with different womenpreneurs, local micro brands from India and around the world to share our expertise and journey in entrepreneurship. 

Why do we want to do this campaign?

Our common goal is to support Small/Micro/Home based Indian brands to sustain and grow in the market. As our first step towards it, we want to support these brands by promoting and pushing these brands across India and into the world market.

How do we do this?

By MyVerduraCare providing complete technical expertise, logistics support, marketing and PR push and guidance through their platform to reach local and global audiences without having to crack your head on these various aspects.

Who  can join us in this campaign ?

  1. Offline and Online stores whose products are sustainable, eco-friendly, handmade or artisanal products that are completely made in India. 
  2. Should be the manufacturer of the product and owner of the brand that they are selling
  3. Brands selling Machine made  products are considered as long as they are eco-friendly.
  4. Food or skin care products based brands can also participate provided they have Govt. recognised required certifications to sell food and skin care products.
  5. Individuals/Artists who are good at creating something unique, handmade and eco-friendly can participate.
  6. If you are someone already associated with womenprenerursofindia.com or MyVerduraCare.com can also Participate.
  7. Participant (brand owner/individual) should be a woman.

What were the benefits in it for the brands?

  • Every valid participant gets an exposure on our brand’s instagram stories until the campaign ends.
  • Top 10 participants stories shall remain forever on womenpreneursofindia.com’s Instagram highlights.
  • 3 top entries will be chosen as winners and given fast track registration to list and sell their products on MyVerduraCare.com website to their Indian and global customer base.
  • Along with it, brand stories of these 3 brands get to be featured on Womenpreneursofindia.com  (website) and as a special video feature on MyVerduraCare.com and social media channels, YouTube and newsletter and announcing the launch of their products at MyVerduraCare.com.
  • The entire Video episodes will be done by MyVerduraCare.com and its creative team and will also be shared with the winners, which they can use for their own promotional purposes to talk about their brand story and this achievement.
  • Along with these, winners will receive a certificate of recognition and 1 month free campaign promotion on digital platforms of MyVerduraCare.com promoting the winning brands.
  • Post Campaign, All the participating brands/individuals names will be listed on our website under the campaign page that stays for lifetime.