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For womenpreneurs who take up our interview:
By filling up the feature details and Interview form, you are fully aware that WOI is an online community platform that is public and you are aware that you are sharing your information with your full consent.
If it is WOI who reached you out seeking for an interview, please understand that we admire your work and we like to appreciate the same by sharing about it with our audience. And, we believe your journey might inspire and motivate others . But, the choice is up to you to accept or reject our request. However, if you accept – we seek your support throughout the process.

In case you have reached us seeking for a feature on WOI, we are sure that – you are aware about the quality of work we do. And, we appreciate the same trust and we seek your patience throughout the process.
Make sure you are aware that you don’t provide any fake or unrealistic data. Please make sure you don’t provide a data that you don’t want to be public. As every data shared by you is shared with your full consent, WOI will not be responsible for the same at any point of time.

You are aware that WOI holds the complete control over its editing and publishing policies. No draft shall be shared before publishing a feature post on the website. Once the post is published on the website, the post link shall be shared with you before it goes live on our social media platforms. And, WOI holds the complete control of publishing a feature post, which means – a post can be scheduled, pre/postponed only by WOI which can be carried out at any point of time. And, WOI doesn’t add any unrealistic data to endorse the post. The interview response provided by you will serve as the feature post content, that will be processed to make it a readable one for our readers.

You are aware that WOI can add, delete, modify or perform any action with respect to any of the posts published on the website at any point of time without any prior intimation. WOI may also change any of its policies at any point of time, without any prior information.

You are aware that WOI will not hold any responsibility of profit, loss, damage or any action/outcome that arises on publishing any of the feature posts.

You are aware that WOI can endorse, share/publish business story, advertise or perform any action with any of your competitive brand owners.

Considering the fact that, there goes a lot of time and effort behind each post to curate, edit, design and publish – we appreciate your support by sharing the feature post with your family, friends and followers across various social media platforms, once it is published.

You are taking up our interview as a women entrepreneur to be featured on our website and on our various social media platforms that are public. Incase of any copy/replica/similarity of WOI’s work carried out by you or anyone related to you is found , it shall be considered to be an unethical act and remember your terms & conditions approval may act as a proof against you.

You confirm us that you have gone through our disclosure policy and you are aware about it too.